6 Best White Noise Machines for Kids

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HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

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Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine

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White noise machines are proved to be a lifesaver when it comes to helping babies fall asleep. To help your baby fall asleep fast and stay asleep soundly for a longer period of time, white noise machines are designed to soothe fussy babies to sleep in an easy way.

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After researching on and testing number of different kinds of white noise machines for babies available in the market, we have concluded that:

HoMedics White Noise sound machine is the best among the all others on our list as also it’s small, lightweight and easily powered. It lets you choose from six soothing sounds which are not obtrusive, conducive for sleeping and is nice for your kids to fall asleep to a longer duration soundly. ”

white-noise-machine-first-choiceBuy from Amazon

Why Homedics White Noise Machine the Best Choice?

  • The HoMedics Sound Spa is small, lightweight in design and is easy to carry around and ideal for those who frequently travel.
  • Most of the sounds are nature sounds that are can make you relax such as thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, Brook and White Noise.
  • You can also adjust the volume and set the timer. Timer gives you the choice between 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Moreover, a LED light indicates the length of time that you chose in the timer setting.
  • The white noise machine is powered by an AC adapter, but it can also be powered by four AA batteries. Also, it has a nice look, with the grey controls and buttons highlighted by a white exterior which looks elegant yet stylish.

Why Is Marpac Hushh Our Second Choice?

Marpac Hushh white noise machine is also one of the best white noise machines for kids and also a worthy competitor. But there was a close competition between our first choice and the second one and Marpac Hushh came the runner up because of some of its minor flaws.”

white noise machine for babiesBuy from Amazon

  • There isn’t a timer on Marpac Hushh, so you will have to switch it off manually.
  • There are only three sound options i.e. standard white noise, a deeper-toned white noise or the sound of surf.
  • It cannot be recharged by AA batteries but only with USB cable.

What Makes Marpac Hushh White Noise Machine Still Worthy?

  • Measuring only 3.5 inches and cord-free, the Marpac Hushh is made for when you need white noise on the go.
  • It comes with a clip so you can fasten it onto the stroller or car seat and even has a small, amber-colored night light
  • The volume is adjustable, and when it’s time to recharge the Hushh, you can plug the USB cable into your laptop or phone.
  • All in all, it’s clear and a compact, doesn’t take up a lot of space and totally worth the money.

Generally, sound machines produce white noise, which means it’s a mixture of several sound pitches in order to create a buzz or comforting vibrations. White noise is the noise most like what your baby hears in the womb and let us tell you here that it works like a magic to calm babies to sound sleep.

Read on the product list of sound machines and choose what best suits your budget as well as your needs.

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine


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The first white noise machine in our review list is of HoMedics, who are experts in advanced wellness products, and their white noise machine is really no exemption.

What is the best HoMedics offer is that their white noise sound machine is perfect for both baby and adult alike. It features a variety of six different sounds to choose from and you always are at a liberty to have a new sound to listen to. These sounds ensure to help your baby sleep sound and better with the SoundSpa’s rhythmic tones, which help persuade a sense of relaxation, calm and rest.

With it’s an auto-timer, you can indicate to either play the relaxing sounds continuously or pick a set time for them to finish at right time. This white noise machine by HoMedics is also super lightweight and easy to carry, which makes it perfectly safe to travel!

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White Noise Sound Machine | Portable Sleep Therapy for Home , Office...

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$19.97 $24.99

With its reasonable price, the HoMedics SoundSpa white noise Sleep Sound Machine is a compact, basic option for a white noise machine, while giving six options for digitally recorded white noise and nature sounds, including thunder, brook, rain, and ocean. It gives you two choices as you are at freedom to either plug it in using an adapter or run on batteries.

Parents can also use this white noise machine to improve their own sleep as well as their baby’s. Also, the HoMedics SoundSpa Sleep Sound Machine is also a good option if you’re just looking for white noise as a soother for your baby and aren’t yet sure if it will work. Apart from all the benefits, the sound quality is not as ideal as many parents say, thus if you’re looking for crystal-clear audio, you may need to invest in a little more.


  • 6 soothing sounds
  • Operates with batteries or an adapter


  • Some static from the monitor
  • Durability issues


Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine

white noise machine for babies

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Marpac community is sure expert when it comes to sleep and they truly believe that white noise can be a lot more effective than a simple lullaby. That is why their high-quality product offers three soothing sounds which are extremely sleep helping for babies.

Their Marpac Hushh white noise machine for kids is designed and created by true sleep experts and so you can surely expect a good quality white noise machine that will do its magic when it comes to bedtime. This white noise machine by Marpac features a lithium-ion battery and you can recharge it from a micro USB which is included in the package, so no need to worry about batteries.

The Hush baby white noise machine is so small and compact that it can easily fit in your bag and portable enough to be taken anywhere, to make sure your little one can sleep soundly no matter you go. This machine features three different sound options which includes white noise and deep white noise, and a soothing surf sound which has a varied volume range.

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Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby | 3 Soothing, Natural...

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$24.98 $29.95

The Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine is one of the top-rated white noise machine for babies, which is portable and affordable. This lightweight machine is just 3.5 inches across and 3.8 ounces in weight includes options for bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle ocean sounds as per the parent’s choice of what suits their child best. It comes with a child lock so little hands cannot play with buttons on their own and make the volume high, so you easily clip it up to a stroller, car seat or any household surface.

Parents call the Marpac Hushh durable and reliable and agree with the high quality of sound the sound.


  • 3 soothing sounds
  • Perfectly portable
  • Child lock


  • Battery weak, needs to be recharged
  • Strange background noise

Big Red Rooster BRRC129 Baby White Noise Sound Machine

best white noise machine for toddler

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If you are looking to create an ideal sleeping environment for your little one, then Big Red Rooster will help you do just that with their baby sound machine.

This next eccentric white noise machine on the list is one of the best baby sound machine by Big Red Rooster as it creates an ideal sleeping environment for them. Specifically designed for babies and it comes with six high-quality lullabies.

It comes with soft, sweet songs including rock-a-bye, twinkle, ocean, white noise, and even the sound of a heartbeat! And by now you must know that this is the best method for helping your little one to snooze off after you leave the room.

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Big Red Rooster Baby White Noise Machine | 6 Sleep Sounds |...

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Filled with a mix of great sounds, the Big Red Rooster white noise sound machine is perfectly portable and you can take it anywhere even on vacation, that is how your baby is guaranteed a good sleep wherever he/she is.

Just like the HoMedics white noise machine model, it also offers six sound settings, volume control, and a timer. It offers the volume knob because it can be loud if you turn it up to the maximum level. Furthermore, it is easy to travel with this device as it has a slot for batteries, or you can plug it into the wall as per your convenience.

One of its drawback is that light on the unit is not dimmable, so many buyers choose to put it on the floor or at a lower level surface if they’re sensitive to brightness.


  • Child lock
  • 6 high-quality lullabies
  • Volume Control


  • Looped sounds
  • Poor sound quality
  • Not dimmable light unit

Sound+Sleep High Reliability Sound Machine

top rated white noise machines for babies

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The Sound+Sleep is a white noise machine definitely to consider if you are fond of your gadgets to look shiny and have quite a lot of features. It offers 10 starting recordings, and goes a step further while offering three variations or richness settings per sound to give you a total of 30 options to choose from. That means, if you have had enough of the bright white noise, you can also try to use deeper pink or brown. And if you think the ocean sound is too plain, you can add birds, seals or even the sound of foghorns.

The second unique feature that this machine offers is the adaptive sound and in case the noise in your environment increases, its volume also rises if you have it on that setting. It’s a brilliant idea, and works amazingly well. It’s also worth noticing that it contains a useful headphones jack that means if you and your baby needs the sound to sleep but your partner does not, then you can keep the ocean sound to yourself without bothering them. It also offers an auto-turn off, which may become a favorite feature that happens after 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

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Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine with Real Non-Looping Nature Sounds, Fan...

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The most distinctive feature of this white noise machine is that the soundscapes are non-repeating. Also, its display is so lit that you can see it at night in a dark room, but it also offers a dimming option to prevent extra light from overly lighting your bedroom.

Its sleek design is quite user centered that the buttons are easier to use than the other machines. Moreover, you can easily adjust the volume with a large dial, and the sounds are individually labeled.


  • Features 30 sounds
  • Customize settings to create more variety in sounds, such as adding birds to the ocean
  • 30 minute long duration recordings
  • 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute auto-off timer options
  • Button lights can be switched off
  • Headphone jack comes along


  • Expensive than other machines
  • Operates only with a standard plug
  • Large sized

Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Shusher

top white noise machines for babies

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This cute Bubzi Co white noise machine greatly helps put babies to sleep as the brand is quite known to make products to make it easy for mothers. They specialize in creating products especially for new mothers to enhance their experience to be easier in a convenient manner.

It features 10 soft lullabies that aids in comforting the baby and for more calming effects, this white noise machine has a bird chirping and a heartbeat sound to help calm the baby naturally. Moreover, this product has also LED night lights that projects stars on any surface depending on where you place it. There is an automatic turn off the system after half an hour so that it does not waste energy or run out of battery.

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Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise Sound Machine Sleep Aid Night...

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$30.95 $54.95

Offering easy adjustment settings, the sound and lights are entirely in control of the user. Also, it offers a super easy Velcro strap that makes it easy to fit anywhere making it highly portable. What’s the best part about is its appearance, the soft and cuddling owl shaped exterior allows the baby to play safely with the device as well.


  • Added LED lights
  • Volume & the lights can accommodate as per the needs
  • Velcro strap to easily fit anywhere
  • Automatic turn off system
  • Ten lullabies installed
  • Owl exterior can be washed by removing the sound unit


  • Can’t add your own voice to the device
  • Not much color options in this sound maker

Are you a new parent and do you find your wildest fantasy these days is to catch one full night of sleep? Does your baby also struggle to sleep and you desperately need to find a solution before you feel like you are losing your mind? We feel you, really!

Understandable that it is quite difficult as a parent to find something that calms and pacifies your baby at night. However, your baby has to learn to sleep throughout the night for both, the parent and his sake because sleep is a major part of well growth and development. It’s a win-win situation in a way that if your baby sleeps more, you get to sleep more. So, victory for everyone! Yeah!

Few parents are lucky enough to get their babies to sleep easily, but we know that most parents find it hard to get their babies to sleep and sometimes it takes hours for them to get their babies to sleep, which is quite a difficult task. And even when finally parents get their baby to sleep, they hardly go few minutes and wake up crying once more. This can be really frustrating for the parents and there is nothing denying that as it keep them awake most of the night. So, you and your little munchkin need the sleep to rest, and a white noise machine can be an easy way to put your kid to sleep and buy you your time too. The white noise from the machine is exceptionally soothing and we assure you, by using it you will have your baby sleeping in a couple of minutes.

When you see your little one is nodding off, the last thing you need around them is a ringing phone, or a movie scene on TV waking your baby up. Know here that, sound machines are made to cut down the disquieting noises and pacify the babies to sleep sound. Using sound machines help provide the babies with a sense of ease and lets them to fall back sleep without any interference. There are several sound machines available in the market and one need to find the best among them that suits their baby’s needs the best.

Read on to know what you need in order to pick the best white noise machine for kids.

What is White Noise?

These white noise machines assure that your baby will have a long interrupted sleep and hey that means uninterrupted sleep for the parents too! So, it’s safe to say that white noise devices are a life saver when it comes to helping baby fall and stay asleep longer.

Some sound machines play calming nature sound like ocean waves, rain on a rooftop, birds chirping or a heartbeat and more. With consistent use of these white noise machines, they also become a cue for your child that it’s now time for a long restful sleep.

Why White Noise Works For The Babies?

There is a general wrong certainty that babies need the quiet to sleep. But no, this is not true, in fact, for them the world is too quiet because they have spent months in a noisy environment. They find white noise quite soothing and pacifying because white noise is very similar to the swishing sounds in the womb of the mother. Hence, for them, loud is normal.

Thankful to the modern technology that we can easily generate white noises. A white noise machine is a machine that generates a series of sound (white sound) and cut down all other sounds, helping the baby to sleep peacefully.

Different Types of Best White Noise Machines for Toddlers


There are several kinds of best white noise machines for kids that come with different features. We have explored each kind and defined briefly all he kinds below for you, so you can decide better which one best meets the respective needs;



A portable sound machine is a wise option type if your baby sleeps in many different places or if you are constantly on the go with the baby. Because it can be difficult to get your baby to sleep while you are constantly hitting the road on the go, and it is also hard enough to drag a best white noise machine for baby along too, so a portable white noise machine is a great option.

Portable white noise machines are powered by the batteries and can easily be used virtually anywhere you go. With the portable options you are not even limited to any electrical power supply, instead you just have to have some extra batteries with you.

Moreover, the latest models of portable white noise machines offer rechargeable batteries and can be charged easily using a USB cable.



Second type is a plug-in white noise machine, which works through a wall outlet. These white noise machines are best if you are looking for a stationary machine. Usually, people opt for this type of white noise machine for their baby’s nursery. A main benefit to this plug-in type is that there is no worry to maintain power or to change batteries. Subsequently, this type of machine runs on electricity and they usually have extra features as well.


Stuffed Animal

This type of sound machine is favorite among parents, as it is basically a stuffed animal consisting of an encased small white noise sound machine. These stuffed animal with white noise machine can make up a really nice devices with two in one benefit as your child may become attached to the stuffed animal and when they are old enough, they can sleep with this stuffed toy animal.

These sound machines normally turn on with just the press of a button, and babies themselves learn how to turn them on easily. You can also take the stuffed animal on the go as with the machine, it also has a tendency to become a toy for your baby. Furthermore, you can also remove the sound machine and wash the stuffed animal.



The combination type of noise machines are usually the machines that offer an extra key features alongside the white noise. The most usual features are mostly an alarm clock, baby monitor, a ceiling projection or a night light. This type of combination usually give you the liberty to purchase one item in the benefit of two that means a white sound machine in a combination of other necessity too.

By now, it must have cleared to you and you may have decided what type of white sound machine suits you the best to go for. Now, look out for other aspects in order to get the top rated white noise machines for babies.

Aspects to Look For Before Purchasing a Best White Noise Machine for Toddlers



The Exterior

Most parents do not consider the appearance an important factor but, let us tell you that look or exterior of your white noise machine matters. Some machines are really ugly in appearance and it feels like a burden to buy them, so parents should look for something that is adorable and slightly better. You can also get something that matches according to the décor of your kid’s nursery.


Variety of Sound Made

Generally, white noise machines generates an assortment of sounds. Common sounds include white noise, animal sounds, ambient nature sounds, heartbeat, nursery jingles etc. Mostly, the newborn babies prefer and feels pacifying towards the heartbeat and white noise sounds and gradually incline towards other sounds as they grow up. Hence, before getting a particular white noise machine, know what kind of sound it generates and decide on whether it feels best to calm your baby to sleep.


Power-Driven Means

White noise machines are usually powered by being connected to an electric power supply, batteries or a USB plug. Battery powered machines are good for portability and give you the advantage of being portable, whereas, the plug-in is easier for the static places such as nurseries.

Nonetheless, battery powered machines are usually more expensive, so you can either look for a rechargeable machine and its charger, as this will result you in saving costs in the long run.


Remote Control Available or Not

Know that not all white noise machines come with a remote control, yet remote control white noise machines are beneficial in a way that thy allow you to turn off the machine once your baby falls asleep without actually stepping into the room. It sure makes life a little easier.


Sleep Timer

Some white noise machines come with a sleep timer, and you can pre-set the timer which starts a countdown when the machine is switched on, and when it gets to zero, the white noise machine is switched off.

Most portable white noise machines come with a sleep timer to conserve the machine’s battery life. Some machines come with an automatic sleep timer and that means you will not be able to play the white noise machine all through the night. But in case you want white noise sound machine that runs throughout the night, then the timer becomes a nuisance as some models only play definite for a certain amount of duration before they automatically shut-off. So, you need to look into this factor too, before investing in a top white noise machine for babies.

Benefits of Using Best White Noise Machine for Toddler

Having a best white noise machine for toddler offers several benefits to your baby:


Blocks Out Other Noises

In case your nursery is not soundproof, there are chances that noises from around the environment or other rooms get to the nursery very easily and these noises can keep your baby awake and disturbed. So, a white noise machine will generally cut down all these noises and help your baby soothes.


Helps Baby Fall Asleep Longer

Babies usually have sleep awakenings that remain about 20-45 minutes after which if there are certain noisy sounds and disturbance around, they are not able to fall deeper into sleep again. Thus, they wake up after short periods and white noise machines allow the baby to traverse through these awakenings in order to remain asleep for longer periods.


Reduces Stress In Babies

This seems wondrous? We know right! One must wonder what babies could possibly be stressed about. But know here that, well, everything! The new faces, the excited surroundings, the lights and more. All this is more than enough for them to handle. Hence, a white noise machine cut down the imitation and by doing so reduces little beings little stress.


Aids Babies Into Crying Less

We already know now that white noise is somewhat similar to the swishing sounds in the womb. So, whenever your baby is crying, the white noise has a comforting effect and it will have help in making them quiet in a couple of minutes


Lessens the risk of SIDS

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is the sudden and unsolved death of a baby less than a year old and usually happens in their sleep. Though it is not sure why white noise helps in the reduction of SIDS. But there is a possible chance that it is because white noises reduce active sleep which is the state in which SIDS mostly happens.


Helps To Sleep Sound

Parents also have to wake up in the middle of the night if their baby wakes up. Well, this is a known fact. But with a white noise machine, it is assured that your baby will sleep through the night letting you to have a good night’s rest and sound sleep.

Are Sound Machines Dangerous?

White noise sound machines are in usage by many parents for years. Also, there are researches that shows that playing white noise sound machines at a higher frequency volume can possibly create a damage to your baby’s ears. But remember that, it isn’t the initial exposure of the white noise that is dangerous, but it’s the duration and volume.  For instance, if your baby is listening to white noise right beside the bed for as long as 8 hours or more, then it considers at a high volume, and this will eventually cause aural issues.

The solution to this problem is that parents needs to be active and keep this in consideration to utilize the timer on white noise machines, in order to make sure the machine isn’t too close to your baby’s crib, and make certain the volume isn’t too loud either.

Although these white noise machines are lifesavers for a lot of people but the most prominent danger they can impersonate is when babies and young children are exposed to its effects over long periods. So, white noise machines can affect their ability to remark where sound is coming from as well as possibly deferral their cognitive development. So our advice is that if you depend on a white noise generator to help your baby sleep, do so but avoid the temptation to use it every single night. Skip a night and this will help you prevent these potentially harmful effects on them.

Top Rated White Noise Machines for Babies 2019

In this review guide, we look at five of the best white noise machine for toddlers in the market, so that you and your baby can get a better night’s sound sleep in the future!



LectroFan Micro

Ideal for travel, with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth speaker

The LectroFan Micro is an appropriate portable device for travel, making it two in one as a white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker both. It has an internal rechargeable battery for wireless use and battery life is reliably long when fully charged, which means 16 hours with white noise or six hours with Bluetooth audio.

It offers five white noise and four fan sounds, as well as an ocean sound, altogether making it to 10 sounds. Although the ocean sound is more like a static white noise fading in and out sound.

Also most importantly, its maximum volume is loud enough to mask external noise easily. But two drawback points to bear in mind are the short cable and the complex buttons. It comes with a relatively short USB cable, so you certainly need to charge it before going to bed in case you don’t have a USB plug close enough to your bed. Apart from that, it has only three tiny buttons, with the volume and sound choice sharing buttons, which operates if you hold to change the volume, and press to change track.

  • 10 high-quality white noise
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Light and compact
  • Rechargeable battery lasts long hours
  • Good range of volume

  • Buttons are small structured
  • Volume and sound choice share the same button
  • USB charging cable is not adequately long enough

Avantek rechargeable


The newest version of the Avantek manufactured is quite improved in terms of design and functionality.

With a sleek modern designed device, this Avantek white noise machine offers two major improvements. Firstly, it has a headphone jack comes with the package, for privately listening without disturbing anyone around you. Secondly, it now contains internal rechargeable battery that lets you to use it for 10 hours without needing to recharge it by plugging it into the wall or USB port. Likewise, it offers enormous variety choices of sounds to whopping 30 including 6 white noise, 6 fan sounds and 18 nature and ambient sounds. Wow! It’s the most of any white noise machine in the market offers.

There are white noise and fan sounds to accommodate to every preference. Whether you like deep brown noise and industrial fans, or more intense white noise, you can find a setting that both sounds good to you or your baby and importantly, blocks out the surrounding external noise.

Personally, I thought the nature recordings are all excellent. There are too many to list here, but I like that they give multiple options for some.

For example, the ocean with or without added birds. And some of the new additions like bubbling water and echoing frogs are a delight to listen to.

  • 5 mm headphone jack
  • Rechargeable 10-hour internal battery
  • Standard plug or USB powered
  • Auto-off timer: 1 to 7 hours or continuous play
  • Great speaker quality
  • Compact portable size
  • 30 volume levels, up to a very loud 115 decibels
  • 18-month warranty

  • Too many sound choices, takes time to cycle through
  • Hard to find right buttons and settings in the dark
  • Delicate touch buttons


Getting enough sleep in today’s noisy yet busy world is a top challenge for most parents. But with the best white noise machines for kids, parents can create an effective balance to get themselves and their babies to sleep soundly and have a blissful sleep they deserve. In today’s fussy world, it feels like the world is conspiring to keep us awake or in a constant state of sleep deprivation. From crying babies to noisy neighbors, to crowded cities, to ear splitting traffic, there’s so much to keep parents and babies awake. Hence, a noise machine is an effective way to cut down all noises and help you get your baby to sleep and eventually yourself.

To invest in a best white noise machine for toddlers is an investment worth making because it has features that let it adjust and change with your child. Parents must start using this with their newborn and continue using it once until they find it useful for their kids. Remote controls or phones can also be used to control some amazing white noise machines, which is yet another great feature. Parents have many color options, appearances and sounds to choose from, and they are all handily available in the market. To save you trouble, we have reviewed some top rated white noise machine for babies.

There is nothing better than getting two useful products in one (2 in 1 package), and that is what the combination type white noise machines offer for the ultimate convenience. So, now there you have it! Seven different varieties of white noise machines for babies which are all capable of giving them and their parents a better night’s rest. If you haven’t gotten your hands on any one of yet, then do not wait up! These are designed to produce the same types of white noise and soothing sounds that white noise machines do and great for on-the-go sleep needs. Select from quieting sounds to lullabies to your own voice and help your baby get some much-needed blissful sleep. If your baby enjoys a good night’s sleep that means you will too.

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