Only Read If You Are Rich! – Things to Buy If You’re A Millionaire

When you are rich, it might not seem like a big deal to spend money on luxurious, expensive things. It’s true that you can’t buy happiness with money, but you can surely fill your house with imaginative and creative things. Sometimes it becomes tricky to know where to spend your money and if you are facing the same situation, you have come to the right place.

“Rich people tend to spend more money to upgrade their lifestyle and living space. There are many options for women to spend money on like branded dresses, handbags, shoes and jewelry. While males are more in search of gadgets like laptops, cell phones, tablets and cameras.”


Some people love to collect antique objects and these objects are quite precious as well as rare. Adorning your home with unique objects not only gives a classy but also an appealing look to your living space. Here are the five cool expensive things to buy that will upgrade your lifestyle.

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November 15, 2020 3:38 am
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1- Lladro Niagara Chandelier 2 Meters

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If you are wondering what to buy when you are rich, then you must give a look to Lladro Niagara Chandelier. This marvelous Lladro porcelain Niagara Chandelier made in Valencia Spain is designed by German designer Bodo Sperlein. The size of this chandelier is 285×200 cm with 112¼ inches height.

The latest fiber optic technology has been used creatively to produce the subtle points of light that fall in a cascade. The optic fiber system offers a splendid magical effect on the porcelain Fairy figurines. Three hundred handmade butterfly fairies have been used for the creation of this art piece that gives your house an aesthetic look.

Each of these fairies is handmade using the Lladro artisan process of production entirely. The Lladro Niagara Porcelain Chandelier matches your big living space, bedroom, living room, or dining room perfectly with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This product is enriched with a golden luster that is applied by hand using a complex technique which requires double firing in order to make the color fixed and achieve the luminosity, including it in the list of things to buy when you are rich.

Find your fascinating world of dreams in porcelain with Lladro Niagara Chandelier with 60 years of history. It is the best combination of classic creation to groundbreaking collections made with collaboration with the cutting-edge designers with the focus on lightning.

Apart from 2 meters, you can also get this chandelier in variable sizes including 0.60 m, 0.80 m and 1.35 m.

2- Graham the Moon Men’s Flying Watch

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After getting success, the next thing you will think about is what to buy when you are rich. It is an interesting question and if you haven’t found the answer yet, consider Graham the Moon Men’s Flying watch.

The watch is 17mm thick and 46mm in diameter with polished 18k white gold case. The case back is made from see-through sapphire crystal having a hand-engraved serial number.

The blue dial of the watch has 48 diamonds that are scattered around (0.24cts). A manual flying tourbillon carriage is displayed at the 6 o’clock position with a small second’s indication.

The watch perfectly fits up to 10-inch wrist having hand-sewn blue alligator leather strap and water resistance up to 99 feet or 30 meters. 18k white gold push-button deployment buckle adds in the elegance of the watch.

The sapphire crystal of the watch is scratch resistant and anti-reflective domes and the crown is also decorated with the sapphire stone.

It is a unique product in the signature collection featuring a stunning 122-year perpetual moon phase that is integrated with a flying tourbillon movement.

The hand-painted moon follows the Moon retrograde with the accuracy of 122 years and returns in reverse to zero when the cycle is completed on every 29 days for 12 hours and 44 minutes. This watch is the perfect option if you are looking for things to buy if you’re a millionaire to maintain an elite lifestyle.

3- Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum Men’s Watch


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If you are looking for cool expensive things to buy, then Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is the perfect choice for you. Rolex has used the noblest of metals for this finest watch. The precious and rare Platinum is striking for its silvery whiteness in this watch.

Featuring one press to start, stop and reset, the chronograph of this watch produces a clear click that is perfected using the most advanced technology.

·         Ice Blue Dial

The appealing ice blue dial of the watch has a central sweep seconds hand that allows an accurate reading of 1/8 second, along with two counters displaying the elapsed time in hours and minutes.

·         The Oyster Bracelet

Advanced high technology has been used for the development, design and production of Rolex bracelets and clasps. The oyster bracelet of this watch is a perfect combination of function and form.

The robust design of the comfortable metal bracelet having flat three-piece links and broad design makes it a universal bracelet in the Oyster collection.

·         4130 Movement

Cosmograph Daytona comes with a calibre 4130. It is a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement that is manufactured by Rolex. The chronograph movement features a Parachrom hairspring, which offers excellent resistance to shocks and temperature variations.

4- Unique Royal Jewelry 18k White Gold GIA Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond .97 VS1 HPHT Ring

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If you are in search of luxury things to buy from Amazon, then you must give a look to Unique Royal Jewelry White Gold Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring. This ring is one of a kind perfect for rich ladies.

Men can buy this for their special ones and it is one of the best surprises that you can give to her. Prepared from the white gold, this ring comes with 1 GIA radiant fancy deep brownish yellow, even HPHT Diamond that is .97 CTW.

The yellow stone is very clean and exceptionally uniform in color. Twenty-six diamonds have been used in the manufacturing of the ring which has 1.07 CTW.

These 26 diamonds are adorning the upper part of the ring band in a classy way. The ring is a custom-designed work displaying royal art that is noble as well as distinct. With 18k White gold, it is one of the expensive things on amazon.

5- Music Computing MCLCDTTV8410 Motion Command 84″ 10 Touch 4K/3D Touchscreen Smart TV

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Music Computing MCLCDTTV8410 Motion Command Touchscreen Smart TV is one of the expensive and cool expensive things to buy. The motion command of this TV works with any webpage or software. Having multi-touch gestures in Mac OS X and Windows 7/8/10, this smart TV comes with HD 4K/3D in one.

Harmon/Kardon sound, 4K resolution and HEVC Decoder are some other fascinating features of this smart TV. Motion Commands are the only touchscreens in the world that have the touchscreen capabilities combined with the functions of Smart TV and available in both 1080p and 4K Ultra HD resolutions.

With the 4K Ultra HD, you can see close to 4 times more pixels as compared to 1080p offering sharper images for media viewing. It also means that almost four times more information is displayed on the screen at once. Using the touch functions, you can instantly control anything that you see on the screen.

Multi-touch feature of this smart TV means that you can touch the screen with more than one finger or stylus at a single time. By this, you get better control over the software interfaces. The TV remote control is provided to control the functionality of the smart TV.

How to Spend Money Wisely?

There are countless marvelous things to buy if you’re a millionaire, however deciding the right things to buy and avoiding spending altogether is also crucial. Spending and saving money go hand in hand. If you spend your money wisely on the right thing, you will never be in loss.

While spending money on any object, you must know your purpose you spending the money. Ask yourself where the object will make your life easier, is it beneficial for you and will it offer lasting pleasure. Always, consider your priorities first before buying any product.

Never do shopping without a clear objective or go to a mall for sheer boredom. Also, avoid shopping with people who do it just for fun.


When you reach adulthood, it is the dream of almost everyone to own a stylish, amazing and beautiful home. Even if one doesn’t have enough living space to bring all the design ideas to life, there are some creative options that will occupy less space.

With the advancements in technology, now you will not have to visit different places in search of objects, there are many e-commerce platforms to make your life easier. Even there are many expensive things on amazon that you can buy sitting at your home.

With our research, we have created a list of 5 marvelous products that are expensive yet worth it. With these products, you can add style and luxury to your life. As these are available on Amazon, so they will make your shopping a less hectic task.

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