Top Picks of Best Hair Steamers for Home Use 2019

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Salon Sundry

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Secura S-192

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Hair steaming is an important part of natural hair care and this effective concept has been around for quite some time now. To maintain or achieve healthy hair, (I recommend this product for your hair) you must look for the best hair steamers to buy and make it your ultimate styling tool.

Buying the best hair steamer for home use is a noticeable and effective investment so, we understand that one needs to be sure prior getting a best hair steamer that whether they are worth the money and let us tell you here, they are!

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By going through numerous hair steamer products offered in the market and doing thorough testing & research on the best hair steamer for home use, we have concluded that:

Salon Sundry Hair Steamer is the best choice for people with dry and brittle hair as it releases massive steam that promotes the moisture level in hair by ensuring that hair on the front, back, and edges get steamed effusively.

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Why Is Salon Sundry Hair Steamer the Best Choice?

  • Salon sundry hair steamer has a standing hood that can store enough water to save you the hassle of refilling the tank again when needed. This remarkable feature makes the steamer generate a lot of steam within little time, unlike Secura S-192 hair steamer.
  • It has a big hood compared to other steamers which efficiently helps you cover your entire head including back and edges without the need of pinning your hair.
  • It releases plentiful of steam to get you most out of your hair products by ensures your protein treatment deeply penetrate in your scalp.

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Why Is Secura S-192 (Our Second Choice)

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Secura S-192 2in 1 hair steamer is one of the best hair steamers for home use and also a worthy competitor. Though, there was a close competition between our first pick and the second one and Secura S-192 steamer came the runner up because of some slight drawbacks.

  • Secura S-192 steamer has a flaw of not reaching all of the hair effectively and requires you to pin up your hair and get it steamed from different directions. But that is not the case with Salon Sundry as it reaches to all part of the hair easily.
  • The plastic material hood is not of good quality; heats up and may cause the steamer to lose balance.

Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

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What Makes Secura S-192 Steamer Still Worthy Enough?

  • Secura S-129 is a multipurpose 2 in 1 steamer has the capability to switch to a tabletop facial steamer that clears pores and removes dirt and grime from your skin. This very function makes this product worthy of our second choice.
  • It has an amazing built-in ozone generator that discharges negatively charged oxygen thus preventing dandruff and relieves an itchy scalp.
  • Thirdly, it is reasonable in terms of the cost as compared to the salon sundry one but Sundry is our ultimate best choice because of its durability too.

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Best Hair Steamers Reviews to Buy for Home Use

A hair steamer is an appliance that uses heat and water to generate steam, moist heat that briefly and for the time being lifts the hair cuticle, and allow moisture to penetrate by way of your selected deep conditioner or product.

The heat of the steam makes curly hair soft, increases the elasticity of the curl and allows hair follicles to better absorb conditioner treatments.

Hair streamers do not dry your hair or use dry heat, in fact, they are constructed to add moisture to your hair cuticles for treatments and styling by adding water steam balanced combination to your hair.

Hair steamers for home use are worth the overall investment and the best way to steam hair at home. (Read our thorough reviews on best hair steamers for home use available in the market.) Later on, in the guide, we will mention the reasons why using beast hair steamer is a must for healthy hair.

Let’s have a look at the detailed reviews on some of the best hair steamers for home use available in the market.

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November 23, 2020 5:16 am
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 5:16 am

1- Salon Sundry Professional Hair Steamer (Our First Pick)

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This professional standing hood steamer is comprised of enough water storage to save you the effort of refilling the tank on a daily basis and this one remarkable feature makes this steamer generate a lot of steam within little time. So, if you want to cover all the parts of your hair, then this is the steamer to go for since it has a big hood compared to others steamers which will help you cover your entire head including the back without any need of pinning your hair.

If you have bulky thick hair then this Salon Sundry professional steamer is the best choice for you because it ensures that hair on your front, back, and edges get steamed properly. It releases ample of steam which ensures that your protein treatment or hair products deeply get absorbed in your scalp, therefore, ensuring that you get the most out of your hair products.

It’s the best choice for repairing, weak and dry hair since it releases massive steam which promotes the moisture level in hair thus promoting healthy hair. Red on the following specific features and get to know more why it’s the best choice in professional steamers so far.

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Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair Steamer w/Rolling Floor Stand Base

Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 5:16 am

Premium angle & rotatable hood

This professional-grade hat hood hair steamer features a size of 12 inches diameter opening (10 inches deep) and delivers 650 watts of heating power utilizing a stainless-steel coil, producing excellent steam vapor. Its hood also tilts and turn around, while featuring a 17″ long diffuser for even steam distribution throughout.

Adjustable & portable

The hood rotates completely and angles 90-degrees so you can position it as desired, accommodating all types of chairs. The height of the entire unit is adjustable, from 37″ to 49″ from the floor to the top of the water tank. See here. Apart from that, its stand base features four easy-rolling wheels for smooth and easy portability.

Safety shutoff

What’s best is that it comes with thermal overload circuitry, which turns off itself on its own if the water level drops too low, avoiding the steamer from running dry or being operated while unattended.


Features a 32-ounce tank-style, heavy-duty water reservoir, which works with normal tap water and is simple to refill. This steamer for hair is really cost-effective yet lightweight. It has many great features and functions including its stainless-steel coil which consumes 650-watt power. It has a water tank of the capacity of 32 ounces, which can be easily removed from the steamer.

This steamer has two power setting for using it at different heat settings. Hair steamer cap or hood is made of long-lasting acrylic with dimensions of 12” as diameter and 10” in depth. Moreover, it has a great feature which allows switching it off automatically if the water level drops below the desired level. Also, it is designed according to North America electrical standards, hence, can only be used at 120 Volts.  All these features make it the best portable hair steamer appliance to have.

See on Amazon.

Based on the hair steamer reviews on Amazon it has received editors rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It costs you from $90 to $100 on Amazon.

Pros. & Cons.


  • It’s perfect for large size heads because of its big hood
  • Easy to adjust according to different heights
  • Ample steam
  • Easy yet lightweight to move


  • Easy to over-steam due to the heavy-duty water reservoir
  • Vent holes at the top need to be slightly open because it gets too hot sometimes

2- 2 in 1: Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

Click here to check price of Secura S-192

The Secura S-192 is a 2 in 1 hair and facial steamer and it is more versatile than other basic steamers as it is used for both your hair and face. Since, it is a tabletop model, which means you have to place it on a flat surface where you can sit underneath it. Secura’s producer claims that their 2 in 1 steamer has a 1-5 UM ultra-fine mist generated by an ultrasonic atomizer and that help the hair and skin in absorbing the steam more efficiently.

So, with this product, not only can you get great-looking hair, but you can also get rid of clogged pores on your face. Secura’s product offering is a great two-in-one steamer product as it provides all the benefits an ordinary hair steamer offers, for instance, moisturizing and hydrating hair, while having the capability to be converted into a facial steamer too. Cool, right?

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Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 5:16 am
$67.99 $79.99

Ultra-Fine Mist Generator

The 1-5 um ultra-fine mist generated by this ultrasonic atomizer can be quickly and easily absorbed by your hair or skin.

Avoid hair breakage and improves absorption of hair products

Moisturize and hydrate your hair, prevents breakage and split ends. Also, it improves absorption of conditioners and other treatment products. See here.

Convertible into Facial Steamer

Instantly convert to a tabletop facial steamer. The ultra-fine mist opens and unclogs your pores allowing you to remove dirt, oil, and grime from your skin.

Ozone Generator

Built-in ozone generator; controlled release of negatively charged oxygen which helps reduce irritation and prevents dandruff in the hair.

This is our editor’s best choice too as the Secura 2 in 1 hair steamer is the most popular and reviewed hair steamer on Amazon!


Its ultra-fine mist opens and clears your pores allowing you to remove dirt, oil, and dirt from your skin to a better extent. Apart from this, it also moisturizes and hydrates your hair and controlled release of negatively charged oxygen through its built-in ozone generator, which helps reduce itchiness and prevents dandruff.

This Secura product is dual purpose styling tool as a hair steamer and as well as a facial steamer. It provides with all the hair steamer benefits like moisturizing and hydrating your hair while avoiding breakage and split ends. In addition to hair and skincare, this steamer can also be used for interior humidification process in a powerful and efficient manner. Like the Professional Salon Hair Steamer, it also has an auto cut off feature that automatically turns the steamer off when water levels drop below a certain limit or when it is not in use.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Perfect for minimizing hair breakage and decreasing split ends
  • Ensure your hair products are well absorbed
  • Reduces itching of your scalp and also avoids the growth of dandruff
  • Provides hair with enough moisture thus promoting natural hair growth


  • Steamer may not reach all of the hair and pin up is required

3- Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

Click here to check price of  Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

The Q-Redew handheld hair steamer is unarguably one of the best hair steamers for natural hair. It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, loose curls or kinky coils; people with several hair textures have highly recommended this hair steamer. It works best by filling distilled water in the machine and then allowing the steam to properly absorb into your hair strands.

Heating up quickly can be great for creating the required steam, but use this powerful steamer comes with caution to make sure you don’t get the device too close to your scalp or mistakenly have hot water drip directly on you, which can cause hurt or possibly can even burn the skin from the heat. It’s also worth keeping in mind before purchasing is that using a handheld device can get tiring for some, but you should always break up your sessions into 15-30 minutes time frame. See here.

This is a pretty compact hair steamer for natural hair compared to other the steamers in the market. It’s easy to store away when it’s not in use and convenient to pack for travel. Pretty appropriate? Yeah!

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Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

Last update was on: November 23, 2020 5:16 am

Detachable Water Reservoir

This hair steamer has a small, detachable water reservoir. This water reservoir then has to fill with distilled water and heated upon triggering a button to activate the steam.

Simple And Quick

The good thing about this handheld hair steamer is it’s quick and easy and one do not even need to wet hair with products to quickly get some moisture in. Get steamed and restyle your hair in minutes. See this product on Amazon.


If you are looking for the convenience of use then this steamer is the way to go. This is one of the latest entrants into the market, which provides excellent steam to moisturize your scalp and hair together. Easy to store away when not in use and it’s convenient to pack for travel.

It works by applying steam to your dry hair which makes them soft, warm and moisturizes them. This one is one of the best steamers for natural hair with clips and rollers or alone. You don’t have to have much time on your hand with this product as compared to a hooded machine. You can use it conveniently at your home or anywhere you want.

This hair appliance has a user rating of 3.8 stars based on reviews on Amazon. It is available at a reasonable price of $70 only.

Pros. & Cons.


  • The steam/mist reactivates products on 2nd or 3rd-day hair.
  • Quite similar to giving your hair a facial
  • Lightweight and easily fits in hands


  • No temperature scales
  • Heats up too quickly and steam is hot so have to be careful at directing on the scalp

4- Kingdom Beauty 2 In 1 Hair & Facial Steamer

Click here to check price of Kingdom Beauty Facial Steamer

One of the most popular hair steamers and you will be impressed with how well it works for natural hair, especially low porosity 3B/3C/ and 4A/4C/4B hair. So, if you are looking to revive your hair then you do not have to look further, because this steamer helps to repair damaged hair by releasing ionic water particles in your hair thus making it healthy and smooth than before.

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KINGDOMCARES Large 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer Face Steamer Humidifier Hot Mist...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 5:16 am
$69.99 $89.99

Auto Off Feature

This steamer also comes with auto cut off feature that automatically turns the machine off when the water level drops below a certain limit for safety reasons.

Easy to Function

It has one on-off button for sprayers, and another to activate the ozone feature making it quite easy for novice users.

2 In 1 Steamer

This is another hair steamer besides Secura S-192 with a 2-in-1 function that is used to achieve both a healthy hair and a flawless skin.

Avoids Itching and Dandruff

Good choice to prevent itching of the scalp and avoiding dandruff since it discharges negatively charged ions while steaming your hair which works better for reducing itchiness and dandruff.

See this product on Amazon.


This definitely the best choice for those people who have damaged hair due to harsh chemicals or heat because this tool is perfect when it comes to helping your hair recover from all that damage. This dual steamer is incorporated with the best technology that helps rinses all the build up from products and all the dirt accordingly, and resulting in leaving your hair clean and healthy. Not only does this steamer appliance moisturizes and conditions your hair but also untangles and revives your hair smooth and healthy.

With the best reviews, this steamer has received from verified users on Amazon, we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to revive and repair their hair at best.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Ozone generator prevents dandruff and reduces itchiness
  • 2 in 1 hair and Face steamer
  • Auto shut off function
  • Acts as a house interior humidifier
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight to carry


  • Drips if the stopper isn’t in properly
  • Hood is not adjustable according to head and neck height

5- Best Price: Skin Act Deluxe Hair Steamer

Click here to check price of Deluxe Hair Steamer 

This hair steamer may look daunting to use, but it’s actually very easy to use. Also, the Skin Act is quite well known for providing excellent customer support. This is a great at home or salon hair steamer with latest useful features including but not limited to provide adjustable steam with two switches for high and low settings.

As you might have imagined, a high-quality product with good customer support comes with a price, so the Deluxe Hair Steamer by Skin Act is generally a bit more expensive than competing models. The product is also fairly large, so storing the product can be tricky.

  • Product
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  • Photos

Deluxe Hair Steamer with Timer with ONE YEAR WARRANTY By Skin Act

Usually ships in 24 hours
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 5:16 am

Auto Off & Adjustable Timer

This steamer has two switch options, an automatic shut off protection system, and an adjustable timer. It’s a good option if you want to use your hair steamer for an hour-long pampering session. Sounds soothing?

Get Notified

It can be difficult to add the perfect amount of water as if you add too much, the water can overflow. Furthermore, the steamer notifies you with a beeping noise if filled with any type of unsuited distilled water. It’s good to have an audible quick notification, right?

Steam Level Adjustments

The hood of the steamer is emitted which lets you to easily adjust the steam level depending on your needs.

See this product on Amazon.


The Deluxe Hair Steamer leaks comparatively less than other competing hair steaming appliances. Also, the device includes a vented hood with adjustable steam settings. A timer is also included that goes up to 60 minutes, but we recommend using the product for no longer than 30 minutes to lessen the possibility of any heat damage.

Overall it is a great steaming product for use at home and as a professional salon hair steamer. Based on reviews on Amazon it has so far received user feedback rating of 3.9

Pros. & Cons.


  • Two switch options for high or low mist
  • Adjustable timer up to 60 minutes
  • Emitted hood to adjust the steam level
  • Automatic shut down when the water level drops low
  • Audible notification
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some types of distilled water do not work with this steamer
  • Water will overflow upon overfilling

What Exactly Is Hair Steaming?

Hair steaming is the process of using heat to open up the hair cuticles so products can penetrate in the hair better and work much more effectively. Hair steamer is basically a device that helps to make the steaming process more efficient in order to allow you to add much-needed moisture to natural hair as well.

See all of the best selling hair steamers on Amazon.

Hair Steaming Improves Your Overall Hair Health

Despite the fact that you might be using different kinds of products to promote the growth of your hair or to achieve healthy hair, those products might only work to an extent or may not work at all if the products do not penetrate deeply and get absorbed in your scalp. But by using a hair steamer, deep permeation and absorption of the products into your scalp is ensured.

Types of Hair Steamers

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There are four types of hair steamers – thermal cap, handheld, tabletop (hood) and professional hair steamers. Whichever one you choose depends on your budget and lifestyle.

Thermal Cap

A thermal heating cap is a small cordless device that uses gel packs to heat the cap and steam your hair. The heating cap works by placing it in the microwave in 45 – 60-second additions until it’s hot to use. You can then fasten the cap over your head for 20 – 30 minutes. In case, you want to do another session on someone else or it gets cool, you can reheat it easily.

See all thermal heating caps on Amazon.

Handheld Hair Steamer

A handheld hair steamer is an extension of the hair therapy wrap. It provides the luxury of a tabletop steamer without the expense. Also, it gives hair moisture boosts in-between routine days without saturating your hair with water. Handheld steamers are best if you are working on small sections of hair.

See all of the handheld hair steamers on Amazon.

Tabletop/ Hooded Steamer

A tabletop steamer is hooded steamers, which are the best to steam your whole hair. It is a portable hair steamer you set up on a table or any flat surface around the house. Keep in mind that when using a tabletop steamer, it’s essential to make sure you let all the parts dry out before you put the product back into storage to avert electric shocks later on.

See all of the tabletop hair steamers on Amazon.

Professional Hair Steamer

A professional hair steamer is the kind of steamer you would find in a hair salon. A professional hair steamer is a high-end product that packs a lot of power.

See all of the professional hair steamers on Amazon.

Dry hair is a problem encountered by many people, especially people who have curly hair and or dryness is a major issue for them. Even though oil and conditioners can help with the dryness to some extent, but a hair streamer is a perfect solution to the dry hair problem. A hair steamer strengthens the hair, adds elasticity and moisture and as well as improves the color and texture of hair.

With a lot of different hair care and styling products flooding the market, you may end up not choosing the best hair steamer, and even after which is why this article is going to provide you with the full guide on hair steamers and reviews of the best 2019 hair steamer products available in the market, that will immensely help you get the best hair steamer for home use. Have a look.

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Benefits of Using Best Hair Steamer for Home Use

Best hair steamer helps the scalp absorb the conditioner or other treatments and thus improves their efficiency. The heat and the water from the steam help hair strands absorb the moisture accurately provided by the conditioners. The heat also improves the blood circulation in the head and subsequently this better circulation in the scalp results in improved hair health and helps the hair grow faster.

  • Better product absorption

Hair steaming helps in raising the hair cuticles so products can penetrate the hair shaft better. This is especially beneficial for low porosity hair.

  • Decreases hair breakage

One of the main things dry and damaged hair needs is moisture and hair steaming greatly helps reduce hair breakage.

  • Stretches hair & promotes elasticity

Who does not want fewer knots and tangles in hair? Well, hair steaming stretches hair and promotes elasticity so you’re able to easily detangle and stylize your hair.

  • Prepares hair for heat appliances

One of the best ways to avoid your hair drying out or splitting, if you’re blow-drying or using an iron rod is to properly deep condition with heat and the right products in advance. So, hair steaming gets your hair ready for heat appliances afterward.

  • Better scalp

Applying heat in the head helps break down build-up on your scalp and nurtures a healthier scalp environment, which comparatively results in healthier hair growth.

  • Revert Hair

If you notice your hair isn’t curling back quite right after blow-drying or flat ironing and you notice that your hair is getting really dry that it gives you impressions of damaged hair and you think you need to cut your hair, remember before you do this, surely go for a protein treatment. And follow the protein treatment with a deep conditioning treatment, which helps revert hair back to its natural state.

  • Remove bacteria in the scalp

Steaming kills bacteria on the scalp and this surely helps in eliminating scalp issues such as dandruff and itchiness with frequent treatments.

In order to prevent your hair from drying out too much, a good deep conditioning session with heat before installing the protective style will go a long way in protecting your hair while in the style.

See all of the best selling hair steamers on Amazon.

Difference Between Hair Dryer and Hair Steamer

Hair dryer and hair steamer are two different products serving completely two different purposes. A hairdryer does the opposite of what a hair steamer does to your hair. Below mentioned are the main differences between both for you to get the idea of their usages:

  • A hair dryer uses heat to dry your hair whereas, a hair steamer uses heat and water to add moisture in the hair.
  • A hairdryer, mostly used for styling hair while a steamer is used mostly for deep conditioning treatment of hair.
  • A good hair dryer can be used to straighten hair. Instead, hair steamer enhances the natural curls and make your hair more voluminous and elastic.
  • A hairdryer actually causes heat damage to hair, especially if you use it without a heat protectant. However, a hair steamer improves the overall health of your hair.
  • To keep it simple, know that hair dryer is used as the final step in your styling process, whereas a hair steamer is more or less the beginning of your hair care process routine.

See all of the best selling hair steamers on Amazon.

What Is The Best Way to Steam Hair at Home?

A hair steamer has a small compartment where you can fill in some water and a heating rod converts this water into steam. The steam is then conveyed to the bowl-shaped hood that typically covers your hair. The steam helps lift the cuticles of the hair shaft. This leads to better absorption of products and also improves the moisture content in hair.

It is always a good idea to steam after applying some kind of hair moisturizer or deep conditioner in your hair. The emollient can be oil or conditioner or deep treatment. Pin up your hair and ensure that ends are accessible to the steam. The water molecules in the steam combine with the molecules of the emollient and penetrate your hair much more easily than the emollient molecules would on their own. That’s why hair feels much softer and elastic after a good steaming session.

How Long One Should Steam Their Hair?

30 minutes is quite enough for a single session if you’re using a professional or tabletop steamer. You should avoid over steaming your hair because it is actually bad for your hair health. Also, it is enough to steam your hair once a week or once in two weeks. Moreover, you can pair hair steaming with deep hair treatments to improve the effectiveness of the deep treatments. After that, you must rinse out the deep conditioner or any hair soothing product and carry on with any specific hair routine you have.

See all of the best selling hair steamers on Amazon.

Factors to Look for In Order to Buy Best Hair Steamer

Before investing your money in any hair steamer, there are a couple of things you should look for and be sure of when purchasing a hair steamer. The top factors to consider are:

  • Type of hair
  • Multiple vs single usage functionality
  • Portability

Type of Hair (Dyed, Natural, etc.)

The type of hair you have should edict what kind of steamer you should get. Numerous steamers are better for certain types of hairs. So, whether you have highlights, dyed, natural hair, black hair, or other types of hair be sure to look at what is recommend for your hair type in order to avoid any inconvenience.


Ask yourself whether you are just looking for a hair steamer or do you want a multipurpose one that will also help your face? Some of hair streaming products are good just for hair, while others are great for both. Also, know how frequent you will be using the hair steamer because some are suitable for home and other works best for professional use.


When it comes to portability, Secura S-192 is the most portable hair steamer in the market right now. Hair steamers are of different types including the portability option; tabletop, handheld, standing and etc. This is very important as portable options offer way more convenient than those that do not. Don’t get confused about whether the handheld option suffers from a quality loss in accordance with other portable options.

Also, well it is great to bring your steamer with you wherever you can easily, right?

How to Select the Best Hair Steamer for home use?

Following mentioned are the points one should keep in mind before selecting to purchase best hair steamers as these points will help you in leading a careful yet effective purchase. Also reading amazon reviews also help.

Big Hood Steamer Covers Most of The Head

Go for a steamer with a big or large hood if it is a hooded steamer, but if it is a handled steamer then you will easily cover most of your strands although it can be a little bit tiresome holding the steamer in your hands while steaming as a wide and deep hood always ensures you cover the back, front and edges of your head.

Uninterrupted Streaming Sessions

Select a steamer with a large compartment or a heavy-duty water reservoir, so that there will be enough water for your sessions and this will ensure that there are no interruptions during the steaming session.

Choose One with An Ozone Generator

Pick one with ozone feature which guarantees enough supply of oxygen to your scalp and hair while removing build-up dirt, therefore, nourishing your hair and relieving itchiness in your scalp.

The Automatic Off Feature Is Quite Useful

At the time of purchasing, always go for a hair steamer that has a timer or has an automatic shut off feature so that you are notified when the water container is almost empty and also to avoid overheating.

Portability Is A Huge Plus

Ensure the steamer is easily portable and has revolving wheels to make it easy for you to move it around as per your convenience.

Adjustable Height Is Necessary

Choose a steamer which allows you to adjust the height of the stand so that you are able to place it at a favorable position and altitude according to your height.

Final Thoughts

Whichever hair steamer you choose depends on your lifestyle, budget, and your hair care goals. If you ask us, our we stick with the Salon Sundry hair steamer.

Above mentioned reviews are about the best hair steamers for natural hair as they have produced good results. If you are ready to purchase a hair steamer, you may find the aforementioned five steamers and pick the one that you believe is best suitable for your hair needs.

If you are looking to restore or revive your hair, enhance the status of your hair, or retain healthy hair then these hair steamers are definitely the best hair styling tool for you. Settle for nothing less but the best!

See all of the best selling hair steamers on Amazon.

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