The Best Shapewear for Plus Size Women and Brides

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1- Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Body Briefer

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10.0 Out of 10

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2- Bali Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women's Shapewear

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Shapewear is the undergarment that is worn under the dress and women use it to alter their body shape for a temporary period. It is the easiest and the most convenient way to have a slim waist and an attractive figure.

After doing proper research on plus size shapewear, we have come to the following conclusion:

“Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Body Briefer is the best shapewear for plus size women that offers ultra-firm sculpting, fit and comfort for dramatic looks.”

Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Body Briefer with Lace

Last update was on: December 1, 2020 9:37 am

Why Is Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Body Briefer Our First Choice?

  • Maidenform Body Briefer shapes the bust area along with belly and midsection, whereas Bali Hi-Waist Shapewear doesn’t shape the bust area.
  • It is a body briefer, so it doesn’t roll down as compared to Bali Hi-Waist shapewear that rolls down.
  • Maidenform Body Briefer has lacy built-in underwire bra that enhances the design and appeal as compared to Bali Shapewear that is simple in design.

Why Is Bali Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women’s Shapewear Our Second Choice?

Bali Women's Shapewear Cool Comfort Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer

Last update was on: December 1, 2020 9:37 am

Bali Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women’s Shapewear is also one of the best choices when it comes to shapewear for plus-sized women, but it has some flaws due to which it is the runner up in this race.

  • Bali Thigh Slimmer doesn’t provide any support for the bust area as compared to Maidenform that has built-in bra.
  • It rolls down, making it uncomfortable to wear for the whole day while there are many full-body shapewear available in the market that don’t roll down and shape your whole body.
  • Bali Hi-Waist Shapewear has too many seams making it visible under the outfits whereas there are many shapewear offering a seamless look.

Why Is Bali Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women’s Shapewear Still Not A Real Breaker?

  • Bali Hi-Waist Shapewear provides maximum support and compression on the midsection while Maidenform shapewear doesn’t offer maximum compression on the midsection.
  • It shapes your hips giving a sculpted look whereas Maidenform doesn’t shape hips.
  • Bali Hi-Waist shapewear is the best solution to get the look of lean thighs while many shapewear lack this feature.

Best Shapewear for Plus Size Women

Women use shapewear to have an illusion of a flat stomach, hourglass figure and a curvy waist. Since first shapewear came into the market till now, this undergarment has undergone a number of changes from the size to shape and fabric.

The best shapewear for plus size women is mostly in demand; however, shapewear for men are also getting popular with time.

Shapewear compresses and exerts pressure on the bulgy areas of the body so that women can have a look of their desired body shape.

According to the history of shapewear, they came from the Victorian age. At that time, body shapers were made of linen, cotton and some other fine quality fabrics like satin and in some cases, silk.

Back then they were known as the corset and hard materials like iron wires were also used in their manufacturing. These iron wires would crush the internal organs and the ribs, not allowing the lungs to expand for proper and full breathing.

The best shapewear for plus size women is designed to hide the bulging belly fat and provide a sexy silhouette look to women. With the right and perfect shapewear, you can enjoy a flat belly without any dimples or bumps.

But before choosing shapewear, make sure that you measure your size well and find the perfectly fitted undergarment that is breathable, comfortable and provides a stunning shape.

1. Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Body Briefer

Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Body Briefer

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Ultra-firm sculpting, fit and comfort, all are combined in this shapewear for dramatic results.
Luxurious fabric to keep you comfortable all day long.
Hook and eye closure for easy wearing.
Three-section built-in underwire bra cups with adjustable straps.
Back adjustment for tighter fitting.
The high-quality fabric used for this shapewear has low friction that makes it easier to put on garments.

Maidenform Flexees shapewear is the best shapewear for tall ladies as well as plus-sized ladies. Ultra-firm sculpting, fit and comfort, all are combined in this shapewear for dramatic results.

With this shapewear say goodbye to muffin top and enjoy an attractive hourglass figure. It is an elegant lingerie style shapewear prepared with soft fabric. The fabric used in this shapewear is skin-friendly and also moisture-wicking.

The handwash feature of this shapewear makes it easy to maintain and clean. It shapes your whole body and offers a comfortable all-around control.

Three-section lacy built-in underwire bra with adjustable straps adds in the design of this shapewear. This shapewear is an ultimate combination of comfort and fit that offers dramatic looks.

Ultra-firm control of this shapewear makes it a perfect choice for the plus size ladies to fit in formal dresses on different occasions. It is the ideal alternative of cheap plus size shapewear as it is available at affordable prices.

The high-quality fabric used for this shapewear has low friction that makes it easier to put on garments. There is also a back adjustment for tighter fitting and hook and eye closure for easy wearing.


  • Hook and eye closure
  • Luxurious fabric
  • Power mesh inner for all-over control
  • Lacy build-in underwire bra
  • No back rolls
  • Nice control without being too tight
  • Hand wash


  • Zero support and shape in the bra cup area
  • Fabric in the cup area is too thin
  • Doesn’t shape any part of the mid-section
  • Creates a quite prominent panty line

2- Bali Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women's Shapewear

Bali Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer Women's Shapewear

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Innovative fabric and the Cool Comfort design of the shapewear keep you cool.
Smoothes the bulges and bumps of tummy and thighs.
Sleek and ultra-smooth fabric help the clothing above to glide.
The Lycra Beauty fabric offers outstanding shaping.
Maximum shaping to minimize the trouble spots.

Bali shapewear offers a sculpted and sleek look to women. The hand wash feature of this shapewear includes it among the favorites of women.

The innovative Cool Comfort fabric is used in this shapewear to keep women cool and comfortable. The only thing that is hot about this shapewear is your look by wearing it.

It is hi-waist thigh shapewear that makes women look stunning in every outfit, whether it is a skirt, pants or other fitted dresses.

You can get this shapewear is various sizes and you can also get a very plus size shapewear of this brand. The sleek and high-quality fabric of this shapewear makes it a perfect option to wear at every occasion with maximum support and it glides under the outfits.

It smoothes the bulges and bumps of tummy and thighs, making it the best shapewear for plus size brides to give their curves a nice boost.

Sleek and ultra-smooth fabric help the clothing above to glide and the Lycra Beauty fabric offers outstanding shaping.


  • Hand wash
  • Comfortable hi-waist design
  • Cool Comfort design
  • Smoothes Bulges and bumps
  • Offers maximum shaping


  • Rolls back
  • Has too many seams
  • Poor design
  • Thin fabric

3- ShaperQueen 102 Waist Cincher Thong Panty Shapewear

ShaperQueen 102 Waist Cincher Thong Panty Shapewear

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High waist design and firm control offer a slimmer feminine silhouette.
Flexible bone system to keep the shapewear at its place and prevent rolling down.
Improves posture by offering midsection and back support.
High-quality and moisture-wicking fabric makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

This shapewear is available in a variety of colors, so you can have one that matches with your outfit. ShaperQueen shapewear is available in 8 different sizes and the thong design of this shapewear enhances the buttocks area of females.

You can even have a plus size shapewear 6x with this brand. This shapewear comes without a panty line, which makes it even more comfortable and it is seamless under every outfit.

With the high waist design and the firm control, you can shape your waistline with this shapewear providing a slimmer feminine figure.

The midsection compression of this shapewear improves your posture and reduces cravings; eventually, you will snack less. Prepared from the high-quality breathable and comfortable fabric, you can wear this shapewear for the whole day.

It is moisture-wicking, antibacterial and provides sweat-free comfort. The material used for the manufacturing of this shapewear is Polyester of Spandex.

You can wear this shapewear on all occasions and it goes well with every outfit whether it is slim-cut jeans, shorts, fitting tops, skirts or any other formal dresses.

The flexible bone system keeps the shapewear at its place and prevents rolling down. It is also the best shapewear for plus size brides to have a flawless look.


  • Seamless under clothes
  • No rolling down
  • Fits perfectly with every outfit
  • Offers back support
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric


  • Offers zero lower tummy control
  • Lacks hip support
  • Might get the awful back roll
  • The thong piece might not fit your body

4- Supplim Women Body Shaper Tummy Control Shapewear

Supplim Women Body Shaper Tummy Control Shapewear

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The special design of this shapewear shapes the hips, rear, midsection and thighs to emphasize the natural curves of your body.
The sensual curves of this shapewear make it perfect to wear with skirts, form-fitting dresses and even with jeans.
Promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle strain.
Midsection compression reduces snacking and cravings as well as improve overall posture.
To make it easy to use for the restroom, it comes with an open crotch design.
The special lace trims at the leg design make it a safety pants for summer skirts to look slim and sexy.
There are seven pieces off built-in magnets in this shapewear, four for back and three for abdomen which relieves muscle strain and improves the blood circulation.
It doesn’t have any chemical composition that makes it safe and healthy to use.

Prepared with breathable fabrics, Supplim shapewear is one of the best shapewear for plus size women. With the innovative fabric used in the preparation of this shapewear, you can wear it all day long.

It offers sweat-free comfort and has moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties. It is excellent shapewear to wear after pregnancy, as the compression and support provided by it help your abs to get back to their original place.

This shapewear offers a curved shape by reducing the waistline visibly and smoothes the tummy. It lifts the rear and makes your thighs look slimmer.

With the adjustable eye and hook closure, you can wear this shapewear with every type of outfit from casual to formal ones and it remains invisible underneath.

When you combine this product with regular exercise, a healthy diet and a lot of water, you can get extraordinary results in terms of losing weight.

The logic behind it is that the compression on the midsection exerted by this shapewear minimizes your cravings and snacking habits.

Along with plus sized females, you can also use this shapewear for tall ladies. The wide and adjustable straps of this shapewear make it easy to use and prevent slipping.

There are seven pieces off built-in magnets in this shapewear, four for back and three for abdomen which relieves muscle strain and improves the blood circulation.

The special lace trims at the leg design make it safety pants for summer skirts to look slim and sexy. To make it easy to use for the restroom, it comes with an open crotch design.


  • Firm Control
  • Breathable and comfortable design
  • Wide and adjustable strap
  • Open bust design
  • Built-in magnets to relieve muscle strain


  • Tight to pull over with comfort
  • Shorts are too long making it difficult to be hidden under outfits
  • Rolls down under the bra
  • Doesn’t provide back support

5- Hanes Women's Firm Control Shaper

Hanes Women's Firm Control Shaper

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Offers firm control for a sleeker-looking silhouette.
Ultimate in comfort and function.
Hand wash
Shapes from above waist to mid-thigh.
Comfort waistband.
Flat seamed stitching

Hanes Women’s Firm Control Shaper is the best shapewear for FUPA. Prepared with Cool Comfort fabric, it covers the waist and extends up to mid-thigh.

Available in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large, this shapewear is the perfect solution to indulge your curves in the luxurious and comfortable seamless short.

It is the must-have shapewear in the wardrobe of every plus-sized female and helps them look stunning at every occasion. It is easy to clean and you can wash it with hand.

The wide Comfort Flex waistband of this shapewear gives a flattering look to the belly while shaping up thighs, back and hips.

This shapewear is knitted with soft yarns to make it more comfortable and inner-thigh ventilation panels provide extra breathability, thus preventing from skin irritation.


  • Offers firm control for a sleeker-looking silhouette
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Outstanding shaping results
  • Hand wash
  • Glide on easily
  • Inner-thigh ventilation panels for extra breathability
  • Available in different sizes


  • Not much supportive
  • Sizes are larger than stated
  • The waistband rolls

Types of Shapewear

Modern and advanced shapewear is made from the breathable and skin-friendly materials, making these undergarments more comfortable to wear. There are different types of shapewear available in the market.

1.     Open-Bust Shaper

The open-bust shaper is open in the bust area. It covers your tummy, the entire back and contains a high-rise cut on the thighs. The design of this shapewear offers a toned look to your belly, back and waist while giving a natural look to your bust.

2.     Camisole

Camisole shapewear is used to flatten the tummy area, give shape to the bust and back. In the design of this shapewear, there are stretches from the torso to the abdomen and thin adjustable straps. By this shapewear, you can have a stunning look in your outfits and vanish away the extra fat.

3.     High Waist Brief

If you are looking for a proper breathable and comfortable plus size compression shapewear, then it is a perfect choice. It covers the bulging fat in areas including hips, tummy and waistline. All the fashion divas you desire to have an ideal figure must consider this shapewear.

4.     Leg or Thigh Shaper

Leg or thigh shapewear as the name specifies targets, especially the thighs and leg areas. It covers the thighs, hips, waist and belly of women giving a natural shape to the upper body. With the high-rise on the belly and the stretch that extends till thighs, this shapewear let you stay in shape for a long time with comfort. It allows you to move around with confidence and an attractive figure.

5.     Tummy Tucker

Belly fat is one of the most common problems among women that destroys their overall appearance. It is also challenging to get rid of this fat. But now you don’t have to worry about your bulging tummy as tummy tucker shapewear will make your belly look flat. It covers the abdomen area from below the bust area, hiding the belly fat marvelously and makes you look slim. It is also the best shapewear for plus size brides to look alluring on their big day.

6.     Waist Cinchers or Corset

It is an under-bust shapewear. It is available in a variety of sizes and you can use it as plus-size shapewear and also in a smaller size. This shapewear provides you a slender look by enhancing your waistline. If you want to look fabulous then here what you are desire.

7.     Bodysuit

Bodysuit shapewear is used to shape the overall body from the torso to the crotch. It is the perfect shapewear for willowy body shape. The best part about this shapewear is that you can wear it under any dress and you can also use it as an outfit itself. It transforms the whole body, but specifically, it is the best shapewear for FUPA.

8.     Body Briefs

The body brief shapewear resembles with your everyday panty. The design of this shapewear has medium to high compression panels on the sides, back and front. It targets the lower abdomen area and makes it look flat by smoothening it.

9.     Saree Shapewear

Saree shapewear is designed to provide a stunning look to ladies in ethnic outfits like lehengas, sarees and even skirts. It is designed to compress some targeted areas and smoothen out hips, back, thighs and waist. If you want to have a mermaid shape, saree shapewear is an excellent choice. It is a skirt style bodywear and you can easily wear it as an undergarment. Saree shapewear is also the best plus size waist trainer that gives a slimmer look to heavy females who desire to look sensational in saree.

10.  Seamless Shapewear

Seamless shapewear doesn’t have any visible seams. It is more comfortable and relaxing in wearing. Also, it is an ideal undergarment for the fitted dresses and skirts as there will be no ugly outlines under your dress.

11.  Arm Shaper

There are different styles of shapewear that are designed to target different parts of the body and one such type is arm shaper. You can wear arm shaper under a long sleeve top or a strappy top. However, this shapewear is not comfortable to wear for the whole day.

12.  Control Tights

Control tights hide the fat of areas like thighs, hips and give a slimmer look to your waist. You can wear control tights shapewear under the clothes and can also pair it with a skirt or a pretty party outfit.

So, for all women out there, it is time to walk like a diva in your favorite outfit. Choose the best shapewear whether it is smaller size shapewear, medium, plus size compression shapewear or very plus size shapewear, and have a slimmer look than ever before.

How to Choose the Perfect Shapewear?

The world of shapewear is full of diversity and venturing into it can be overwhelming, especially for the new one. There are various types of shapewear that cater to different parts of the body. Choosing the perfect shapewear is quite tricky, particularly when you are unaware of the difference between a waist cincher and tummy trimmer.

Despite your shape and size, there is shapewear for every woman. From shapewear for tall ladies to short ones, there is something for everyone. However, there are certain features to keep in mind while choosing shapewear.

·       Consider Shape of Your Body

To know what type of shapewear will complement your body, first, you need to understand the shape of your body. When you understand your body type, it will be easy to know what body areas need to be focused on to bring out the figure that you desire. Everyone has a different shape; some women desire to have a flat tummy while some want to shape their thighs.

There is different shapewear to accentuate different body parts such as tummy, bust and back. For instance, if you want to accentuate your bust line while giving a slimmer look to your waist, then you can go for the corset shapewear. If you desire to have a slimmer midsection, then you can opt for bodysuits or girdles.

·       Choose the Right Size

Knowing and choosing the right size of the shapewear is crucial. Women often opt for smaller sizes in order to have a slimmer look. The constriction caused by a smaller size can lead to skin irritations, rashes and when you take them off, you look bigger than before because of the swelling.

In order to find the perfect size and avoid all these problems, you need to measure yourself accurately. If you notice that your body has undergone some changes or your shapewear is no more comfortable then don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

·       Try Different Types

Shapewear shapes up your whole body, but a single piece of shapewear might not be enough to help you get the look you want. If you feel that one shapewear is not enough for you and you need more than one, then you can try different types to evaluate which shapewear works best with your body. You can wear one to accentuate your bust area and one to make your waist look slimmer.

For the days when you need a firm compress for your body, wear firm control shapewear rather than sticking to the light control one. There is no limit on the number and types of shapewear that you can try. What matters at the end of the day is that you get the look that makes you feel more comfortable, confident and helps you to be yourself.

·       Understand Shapewear Control

Shapewear comes with different control levels. You can consider various levels of control for your shapewear based on the type of appearance you’re looking for. The control of shapewear means the strength of compression that it provides to your body. There are three control levels of shapewear.

  • Light Control
  • Moderate Control
  • Firm Control

If you want to wear shapewear for a longer time and want to feel comfortable in it, the light control shapewear is the best choice. It provides the least level of compression and it doesn’t restrict your body movements as the firm control does. Shapewear with moderate control is the perfect option if you want a balanced body.

Moderate control shapewear is a perfect blend of compression with comfort. Firm control shapewear provides the highest level of compression. The plus-size shapewear is usually designed with firm control to make heavy ladies look slimmer.

·       Consult with An Expert

The easiest way to find the right shapewear for you is to consult an expert. At every women store, there are professionals who are dedicated to help you find the perfect shapewear that you want. You can ask them if you need any help or have any question. Some of them may also provide free consultation services for you to know more about your body shape and the type of shapewear that will complement your body.

·       Consider Your Outfit

Although shapewear is an undergarment, you need to consider your outfit before choosing it. If you are wearing a bodycon dress, you must wear full-body shapewear to smooth your entire physique. For skinny jeans, you can go with Capri-length shapewear. For smoothening your lower back and prevent muffin top, high-waist shapewear is an excellent choice. You also need to personalize your shapewear according to the neckline of your outfit.

How to Find the Best Shapewear for Plus Size Women?

Shapewear is the undergarment designed to enhance your body shape and to smooth out any bulges that make you feel insecure. If you have a heavy body and you opt for the high-compression shapewear, it will ruin your figure and make your body look something it isn’t. Contrary to that, when you wear light control shapewear, it creates a smooth look for your clothing.

So, bulky women should look for the best shapewear for plus size women instead of firm control. Here is the guide for the curvy women to find the best plus size compression shapewear for their plus-sized bodies.

·       Match Your Plus-Size Shapewear with the Occasion

The amount of support and compression you need from shapewear depends on the occasion, your outfit and what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Office Wear: For office wear, a medium support plus size shapewear works the best to get a slim and tailored look. By this, you will stay comfortable while being in shape.

Formal Wear: Going to formal occasions or a wedding calls for the best shapewear for FUPA. It will add glamor to your look. Formal wear shapewear is designed with firm control to provide maximum compression to rock the look.

Everyday Wear: You don’t need to wear a body shaper under your everyday wear. But if it’s the necessity, then stick with light or medium support shapewear.

·       Know Your Measurements

One thing you must consider while buying the best plus size waist trainer is that always buy the shapewear of your size or one size larger. Women believe that wearing a shapewear one size smaller than their right size will make them look thinner.

The fact is that smaller shapewear is extremely uncomfortable and will create rolls and bulges. If you are not sure about your size, you can get help from the sizing chart provided by every brand to find shapewear according to your measurements.

·       4 Essential Shapewear Pieces to Keep in Closet

When it comes to plus size compression shapewear, there are four essential shapewear pieces that every curvy woman must have in her closet.

Bike Shorts: Bike shorts shapewear provides a slim look to your thighs and smoothes the hip area. When you choose the right size of bike shorts plus size shapewear, it keeps your thighs, hips and waist in shape without cutting into your skin. If you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable support all the way down to your knees, then bike short is what you need.

Leggings: Leggings or control tights is shapewear that every plus-sized female should have in her wardrobe to rock in normal outfits. It flattens the extra fat in the lower body and makes you fit in your outfits.

Bodysuit: Bodysuit provides support and contours your overall body. There are also very plus size shapewear bodysuits for heavier women. It compresses and shapes thighs, back, butt and your torso too. There is also some cheap plus size shapewear available in the market, but they don’t last long as they are made of poor-quality materials.

Shaping Panties: Shaping panties provide full control of the whole middle of your torso, making you look and feel smooth. This shapewear comes with an anti-slip silicone strip attached to the waist so that they don’t roll down.

No matter what your size is, you need to move through the world with confidence and the best shapewear for plus size women are here to help you in that. Plus size shapewear provides smooth, seamless coverage for your body and comfort so that you can rock in every outfit, whether it is formal or informal.

What Makes A Plus Size Shapewear Different?

Women with a plus size figure have slightly different needs when it comes to shaping the body. When it comes to plus size compression shapewear, to benefit from smoothing curves, enhancement, slim waist and support, make sure it has:

  • Durability
  • Support in all the right places
  • A comfortable fit
  • Breathability

A best plus size waist trainer must offer optimal support and precise fit to women. It should be breathable to avoid any skin issues or rashes.

Fabric Used for Shapewear

While purchasing shapewear, one factor that people usually overlook is the fabric of the garment. It is crucial to keep the fabric of the shapewear in mind as it plays a vital role in comfort, quality and the benefits that you will get from the shapewear.

1.     Nylon and Spandex

Shapewear is typically made from the Spandex and Nylon fabric. These two are the synthetic fabrics that are not breathable and don’t let your body breathe. Shapewear made from these two fabrics is ideal for wearing in the cold climate as they help the body to stay warm and retain the heat. Contrary to that, if you wear this shapewear in summer, you will end up in more sweat than usual.

Shapewear is available in numerous variations of Spandex and Nylon fabrics. Manufacturers have also designed some lighter pieces of shapewear from these fabrics that allow breathability for your body and are perfect for the summertime. Similarly, brands focus on designing thicker versions of the shapewear for heat retention, making them ideal for the winter season.

2.     Cotton and Microfibers

Spandex and Nylon are the most common and popular fabrics that are used for shapewear. However, shapewear is also designed using microfibers and cotton fabric. The primary purpose of using these fabrics is that the microfiber is beneficial to control odor and the cotton fabric helps in moisture absorption.

3.     Consider Fabric of Your Outfit

When you are selecting shapewear, make sure that you not only consider the fabric of the shapewear but also the fabric of your outfit. If you are wearing shapewear with hosiery type of fabric, then you must avoid wearing a cotton outfit with it because it will cling to your shapewear. Similarly, if you are wearing a silk dress or a silk skirt, then you must buy shapewear that is seamless. Also, make sure that is made of the same fabric as your outfit is so that it remains invisible under your dress.

When you are buying shapewear, the fabric is a significant factor to consider. You must keep in mind the clothing type that you tend to wear often and also the material that is comfortable in wearing. If you do not wear cotton stuff, then you can opt for something comfortable like Spandex and Nylon. To get the maximum benefit from your shapewear, it must be comfortable in wearing. So, be mindful the next time you visit a store to buy shapewear.

Wonderful Benefits of Shapewear

Shapewear or body shapers do mini-miracles when you wear them as an undergarment. It is becoming the basic necessity of the wardrobe of every woman as it tackles a variety of problematic areas. With the help of shapewear, women from all walks of life, having a variety of figures can wear the clothes they love with confidence and elegance without worrying about their bulging fats.

1.     Reduction in Waistline by 1 to 3 Inches

The best shapewear for plus size women creates maximum compression in the midsection. By the pressure exerted on the midsection, it reduces by 1 to 3 inches immediately and temporarily, allowing you to look thinner by three sizes.

2.     Bust Support

To get the bust support, you need plus size compression shapewear that is an underbust style undergarment. Underbust style shapewear starts just below the bust area and provides sufficient support to the bust area, providing an instant push up effect and lift. In addition to that, you also get a longer and overall leaner look.

3.     Reduced Stomach and Back Bulge

Whether you are shopping for plus-sized shapewear or shapewear for tall ladies, compression is the factor that you must consider. The support provided by shapewear is a convenient way to get rid of unwanted bulges and muffin top. Reduced stomach and back bulge is the feature that is the main reason for the popularity of this undergarment.

4.     Boosts Thermal Activity

Whether you are buying a cheap plus size shapewear or plus size shapewear 6x, one thing which is common in all the types of these undergarments is increased thermal activity. Because of the innovative fabrics used in this shapewear, you will feel increased temperature and sweating.

There are also garments with thermal latex panels or designs which boost the thermal activity in the core. The increased thermal activity eventually enhances the blood flow and moves toxins out of the body. The boosting of thermal activity also aids in weight loss program.

5.     Self-Esteem and Confidence

Shapewear is an excellent way to boost confidence and self-esteem. Women who are heavy are mostly less confident and they socialize less with other people. The best plus size waist trainer helps you to look attractive and enhances the natural curves and features of your body. This undergarment is designed to help you fit in your clothing in a more flattering way.

Every woman wants to look beautiful on different occasions as they put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect outfit, matching accessories and makeup. When you wear shapewear under your outfits, it enhances the impact that you want to achieve with your look. There is also a variety of best shapewear for plus size brides to give them the confidence to move flawlessly on their big day.

6.     Complements the Weight Loss Program

Shapewear doesn’t make you lose weight, but it can help you in losing weight in various ways. First of all, when you wear shapewear and look at the slimmer figure you achieve by it, you stay motivated towards your weight loss program. By this, you will keep yourself away from the unhealthy diet and love the healthy, lean and confident version of yourself.

Secondly, as the shapewear increase thermal activity in the body, so you get better results after workout and dieting. Another way to get benefit from shapewear is that it restricts from taking heavy meals because of the compression on the mid-section.

7.     Posture Support

The best shapewear for plus size women provides support and promotes good and a healthy posture. By pulling in your stomach, shapewear helps to sit or stand straight in a healthy posture. With the correct posture, you can breathe fully, have a strong back and elevated levels of energy.

8.     Slows Aging Process

The best plus size waist trainer can help your body heal while it is going through the aging process. It supports symptoms including pail waist, flat hip, bulky leg, humpback, turnip, fat buttock and other symptoms, which not only make you look heavy but also old. Women who are suffering from the bladder prolapse also get benefit from wearing shapewear as it will give your bladder a slight lift and support.

9.     Wide Wardrobe Choice

Women of all ages love to experiment with different styles of clothing. However, the wardrobe choice of a woman may sometimes limit because of the figure. With shapewear in your wardrobe, you will not have to worry about how a particular outfit will look of you. You can experiment with a wide variety and styles of outfits without worrying about your bulging tummy with the help of best shapewear for FUPA.

If you want to have a mesmerizing look and want to turn heads in a figure-hugging outfit, a corset top can do wonders for you. For formal wear, you can opt for a bodysuit to get a toned shape and walk with confidence.

10.  Reduce Visibility of Cellulite

A woman who has bumps and cellulite, wearing tight dresses and jeans can be a quite bold decision for her. If you do not want to go for a surgery to get rid of this cellulite, then plus size compression shapewear is the ideal choice. Plus size shapewear is the fashion accessory that assists women to achieve a figure that they desire. It also dramatically complements the diet and exercise routine of women and help them lose weight more effectively.

11.  Inexpensive Solution

Talking about the cheap plus size shapewear, you can easily get a toned figure without spending thousands of dollars on surgery or spending hours in the gym. There are many good quality cheap plus size shapewear available in the market that you can get under $50 depending on the fabric used for the manufacturing and the brand of the shapewear.

Smaller items of very plus size shapewear like backside or lower tummy contouring briefs are generally of less cost while the bodysuits shapewear is more expensive. As compared to other toning and weight loss solutions, shapewear offers a considerable saving. There is shapewear for tall ladies, plus size ladies, skinny females and also for short heightened ones.

12.  Invisible Undergarments

Plus size compression shapewear is manufactured using the advanced and innovative microfiber of the Lycra-based fabric making these undergarments sheer and hidden under the outfits. Whether you are wearing the best shapewear for FUPA or very plus size shapewear, you can move flawlessly in your attires without worrying that the undergarment will stick to your clothes.

When you are wearing these body contouring garments, the only person who knows this is you. Shapewear is a comfortable undergarment that allows you to move freely while your body is held firm in a charming figure.

With all these benefits, there will be hardly any female who will resist to wear this undergarment. The best plus size waist trainer is an excellent way to get the figure that everyone desires. It turns your dreams into the reality of fitting better into the favorite attires. Choose shapewear that fits your body well, because along with looking gorgeous, being relaxed and comfortable is also crucial.

Side Effects of Wearing Shapewear

Although shapewear is getting quite popular these days, but doctors are warning women that wearing shapewear can be dangerous for their health. The health hazards of this undergarment are related to its excessive use or by wearing too-tight shapewear for a longer time.

Doctors are recommending women to be careful while purchasing shapewear and choose one that fits them properly. They also advise that women should not wear it for a long time. Also, some cheap plus size shapewear are made from poor quality fabrics that lead to severe skin issues.

1.     Disturbs Digestion

If you are wearing the best shapewear for FUPA, it must be compressing your abdomen to provide you a slimmer look. The pressure on the abdominal region pushes and squeezes the internal organs of the body. Wearing shapewear with firm control for a long time means, squeezing of digestive organs for a longer time. It pushes the acid in the stomach into the esophagus.

Every woman wants the easy fit to look attractive and lean by squeezing and compressing the internal organs, without thinking what will be happening to the inner parts of your body and what are the negative impacts that you will have to face in the future. Tightly fitted undergarments can lead to gastro esophagus reflux disease. If you have any urinary complications or irritable bowel syndrome, these conditions can worsen up with the tight shapewear.

2.     Bothersome Tingling

Women are loving shapewear because of the visual allusion created by it, making them look lean and toned. There is even very plus size shapewear in the market to provide an appealing figure. According to neurologists, there is an enhanced percentage of people who are suffering from nerve pain because of wearing shapewear.

A medical condition known as meralgia paresthetica has become quite common among ladies for wearing this fashion undergarment for too long. In this condition, the patient has experience of extremely painful and burning tingling in the thighs. The cause of this health issue is too much pressure caused by shapewear for a long time on the nerves that run through the groin. Women who put a lot of weight really fast and pregnant women mostly suffer from this condition.

3.     More Pain, Less Gain

When it comes to the best plus size waist trainer, you get more pain and less gain. When you are wearing shapewear that fits you perfectly for an occasion or a party. You will be squeezing your body to fit in the specific outfit. You might avoid eating and drinking because it will make you uncomfortable in the undergarment. You will also avoid using the restroom for as long as you can.

According to doctors, all these problems can lead to serious, painful consequences. When wearing a plus size shapewear 6x for a long time can be dangerous. The health risks associated with this undergarment are blood clots, back pain and varicose veins. Holding your urine for a long time because the undergarment is not easy to remove can lead to some severe urinary tract infections. The sweating caused by shapewear, on the other hand, act as a host for yeast infections and skin irritations.

4.     Hyperventilation

There are many shapewear that covers your whole body. The best shapewear for plus size brides also targets the whole body. They are the easiest way to shape up your body and have a sculpted look. This kind of shapewear exerts pressure on your ribs too. Hi-waist shapewear also exerts pressure on your chest area, squeezing your lungs. Because of the compression by shapewear, the diaphragm may not dilate properly, causing short breaths and hyperventilation.

5.     Blood Circulation

Plus-sized women love wearing plus size shapewear to have the figure their dream about. The exerting pressure on your body can affect the blood circulation of the skin under the shapewear. Shapewear that is very tight causes the heart to work even harder for pumping blood in the compressed areas. When the heart is working harder than usual, it will cause it to get tired soon. As a result, unnecessary clots might form in the blood.

6.     Bowel Movement

The best shapewear for FUPA compresses the lower body parts. It affects your bowel movement as the colon and large intestine are compressed by the shapewear. As a result, the contents of the large intestine move slowly.

Doctors recommend that rather than using shapewear to have a toned body, you should stick with a healthy lifestyle and workout habits. By this, you will not have to squeeze your body or face any negative impacts of shapewear on your physical health.


Shapewear has become the must-haves for women these days. With the passing time, it is creating a special space in the wardrobe of every lady. Shapewear totally transforms your look and enhances your self-confidence whether you use it under party wear, formal wear, office wear and just for a day out with your friends. When it comes to finding the best shapewear, women become confused as there are so many choices and a huge variety.

Shapewear is an essential component of the wardrobe of fashionable women. It drastically improves the feel, looks and fit of your clothing. There are countless options when it comes to accentuating your figure, get support and coverage you want when it comes to shapewear. But the main part is to find shapewear that fits you perfectly to get the maximum benefits. Too tight or uncomfortable shapewear causes health issues rather than toning your body.

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