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Are you feeling shoulder and neck pain on a daily basis? If you feel some pain in your neck or shoulder or feel tired because of that, then apart from going to masseuse, you can go for some top rated neck and shoulder massagers, which are abundantly available in the market. No matter if you are busy or something else, or on the go then, you are also at liberty to use it while you are doing your job and it will work great for you. You don’t have to plan and visit any massage center to get relief, but the best neck and shoulder massager will help you to get comfort at your home or your workplace within minutes.

“It’s quite understood that throughout our lives, we might suffer from a neck, back or shoulder pain. So, for that reason one should have knowledge of other methods of pain relieving other than the usual massage at the parlor which you have to pay for every time you visit and does not offer any privacy as someone else is assigned to massage you.”

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Now a days, neck massager are getting so much popularity as this amazing tool can release your tension and anxiety in minutes without any danger involved. No matter, what is the reason by which you are feeling pain in your neck, it may be because of some sudden movement or due to your sleeping pose.

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Read on the product list and choose what best suits your budget as well as your needs.

1- SIMBR Neck and Back Massager Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage for Home Office Car

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SIMBR offers a product that means to lessen pain in the distinctive parts of the body. While most producers take a shot at the Neck and the shoulder parts, this product from SIMBR has the ability to operate on the whole body easily.

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SIMBR Neck and Back Massager Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage for Home Office...

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Shiatsu Form of Massage:

The product objective is to replicate the shiatsu version of massages. This type emphases on the many pressure points on the human body. This focuses on elongating and rotating the different limbs to provide pain relief.

Eight Diverse Rollers to Remove Lumps:

This product uses an arrangement of eight rollers to ease out the lumps in the muscles. You can also use it on different areas like the arms, waist, shoulders, feet, legs and even the back with ease.

Reasonable Heat to Improve Efficiency:

This massager uses some amount of heat too. Though, it does not go beyond the optimal body temperature. This is done to duplicate the effect of human hands on the body during the massage process. There is an ingrained switch to prevent any kind of overheating in the device.

Easy Direction Reverse of the Massage:

The direction of the rollers can be inverted with easiness. This is meant to relieve the pressure and the pain especially in the lower back area of the body.

Fifteen Minute Close Down Timer:

You are also at liberty to time the product to stop working after fifteen minutes. This is particularly useful if you use the massager in the night while sleeping.

Modify the Experience:

This top rated neck and shoulder massager lets the user to decide the intensity level of the massage. This guarantees that you can enjoy the pain relief process without having to worry about any negative impact on the body.


It is quite easy to use this massager like in your home, office, even the car or anywhere. It offers the warranty for eighteen months.


  • Easy to use
  • Conveys the required amount of pressure as per the weight applied
  • Can be used just for the heat without massaging
  • Our editor’s recommendation among other massagers available in the market


  • Weighty in size
  • Bit uncomfortable to use

2- Cervical Neck and Shoulder Relaxer and Revitalizer by NeckZEN

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We begin with a product that is a true representative of neck and shoulder pain. NeckZEN neck massager delivers a complete support for the Neck and the shoulder areas. The product purposes to provide relief for pain in the shoulder as well as painfulness in the neck. It intends to do this by providing a product that combines the ease of a pillow and the effectiveness of devices that relaxes the muscles.

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Let us take a thorough look at each of the features provided by this product;

Rapid and Simple:

The product gives aid in a short period of time. It is guaranteed that all it takes in around fifteen minutes to feel better. You can use it anywhere as it relaxes and refreshes by stretching the shoulder and neck area with ease.

Natural with Long Lasting Assistance:

This cervical neck and shoulder massager operates along the natural outlines of the muscles in the Neck and shoulder area. This best massager for neck and shoulder pain guarantees that stress and tension are completely excluded for a long period of time.

Well Rounded Design:

This product is mainly designed to provide a gentle foundation and support for the head and the Neck. It is designed to ensure that the natural curve of the Neck and the body is sustained during the working of the product. This improves the easing of the muscles while providing speedy relief from pain.

Complete and In Effect System:

The producer has offered accessories like a three dimensional eye mask made from memory foam as well as plugs for the ears. These accessories work in accordance with the actual device to keep the user calm and stress free at all times.

Procurement Protection:

NeckZEN provides all purchasers with a thirty day return clause. They also offer to resolve any issues with the product within this period else they are willing to refund the entire amount. So, it’s safe to say that your investment with NeckZEN is safe.


  • Effective when it comes to discharging pain and stress
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Rests stable when being used in different poses and situations


  • Can’t use when sleeping on the side
  • Accessories add negligible influence to the overall experience of the product

3- Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager with Deep Shiatsu Kneading Technology and Adjustable Intensity

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Naipo has just introduced there best neck massager in the market. And what’s best is that it has also got 4.5/5 star ratings over at Amazon now. Know that Naipo is a brand owned by Changchun Chengji Technology and they are known for providing best massage and relaxation devices on the market.

Naipo massager operates with 3 intensity levels, so you can select the one depending upon your needs. This best electric massager for neck pain also has an infrared heat function which can be used to release the tension between the muscles of shoulder and neck.  It also offers a power adapter and a car charger so it is easy to use it on the go too.

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Before you decide to buy Naipo, let us give you one solid reason to go ahead with your purchase that is, they offer a supreme 24-month warranty for quality-related issues. Also it is advisable to read the precautions before using this neck and shoulder massage based just on best neck and shoulder massager reviews.


  • Convenient usage
  • 24 Months Guarantee
  • Overheating button provides additional safety


  • A little heavy in size
  • Some spelling mistakes in the user’s manual (Does not make much of a difference)

4- PowerLead Plsm SM010 Portable Electronic Neck and Shoulder Massager Device

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Next in the list of best neck and shoulder massager reviews is a latest massager product launched by PowerLead. This massager device specifically focuses on the Neck, shoulder and as well as the head area. This device is classified as an electronic neck and shoulder massager.

In other words it concentrates on complete release rather than only part of the region. The maker’s goal is to better the overall health of the person by removing pain in the head, cervical, neck and shoulder areas together.

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PowerLead Plsm SM010 Portable Electronic Neck Massager Neck Therapy Device - for...

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Eradication of Toughness and Pain:

This neck massager focuses on different pain areas. These include hardness in the cervical area, pain in the neck, shoulders and arms feeling numb as well as hurting headaches at the back of the head. It also tends to eradicate side effects like fatigue, one-sidedness while walking as well as tetchiness due to lack of sleep brought on by solid and painful joints.

Ease of Usability:

This best rated neck and shoulder massager on our list lets you deliver the massage directly to accommodate all the problematic pain areas mentioned above. It also means that there is no issue when it comes to quick attachment or detachment of the device at any time during the process of massage.

Infrared Heating with Six Different Modes:

With this device it is extremely easy to select the level of heating as per one’s comfort level. This means this product ensures you that it can work with a wide range of users with comparative ease. It is great for all types of treatment and pain relief and even if it is being used only to enhance the overall well-being of the user.

Warranty and Exchange:

PowerLead offers a year’s worth of warranty. It also allows the buyers no questions asked exchange within a period of thirty one days. Great, isn’t it?


  • Six modes of heating allows for greater relief
  • User centered design usage
  • Provides overall pain release


  • Hard to master the settings
  • Not much effective on the shoulders

5- Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device

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The final massager for neck and shoulder pain in this list is a massager device from Gideon. It is unique in a way that it is a traction device. This means that it applications includes emphasize on a number of different areas and not just relief from pain and stress.

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The features of the product are as below;

Quick Relief from Hurt:

The product is meant to provide long lasting and quick relief from pain. It aims to speed up the reclamation process in case of injuries to the Neck, muscle seizures in the cervical area as well as a damaged disc in the Neck area.

Quick Circulation in the Body:

The product focuses on whole healing through oxygenation of the affected muscles by blood circulation. It ensures a greater flow to the affected areas at all times. This allows it to relax the nerves and muscles in the impacted area thus providing relief from pain and giving the body a sense of relaxation.

Easy To Use & Prevents Injury:

It guarantees that the neck is perfect in its posture without causing any further injury to the wedged area because of its easiness to use and also it has a soft and inflatable cover.

In Tune for Everyone:

There is no height or gender constraint to use this massager. Any person can easily use this best massager for neck and shoulder pain for a thirty minute period and gain massive relief that too an effective one.



  • Really simple to use
  • Manufactured from comfortable materials
  • Provides relief regardless of the medical condition


  • Some feel constricted by the design of the product
  • May leak after usage
  • For some chin lift may be lower than the head lift


What Exactly Is A Massager Device?

This is an advanced equipment designed to work on the body with pressure being exerted on the painful muscles or nerves so as to help them relax and release pain. Some of these devices use electricity while others are manual. They work by relieving not only the hardness of the muscle but also helps one to relax. This results in promoting better blood flow leading to relaxed muscles and clearing off the all the pain. These massagers come with a variety of color options, types and sizes to select from.

The best massagers for neck and shoulder pain can provide you solution to every kind of neck and shoulder pain and sometimes even back pain. Who does not want relief, especially after some hard and tiring days? By having best neck massager at your home or workplace, you can get this comfort anytime and anywhere, and you don’t have to plan to visit any massage center for such purpose.

Hence, it’s no surprise that the market is abounding with lots of different neck and shoulder massage products for you to choose from. That means you can relish massage therapy at home without having an on hand masseuse. Great, isn’t it?

Why Should One Massage?

When massage is done properly either by a qualified professional masseuse or with a suitable quality massager device, massage serves vital functions. It discharges tension and helps repair damage caused to muscles by the stresses and strains and constant, awkward positions of everyday work and life.

Massage is not just a relaxing absolution. But in today’s stressful environments, we can even call it a need that helps balance the body and mind. With the best rated neck and shoulder massager and a little know-how, massage can easily be part of one’s wellness kit resource.

Take simple precautions and listen to your body earlier rather than later and look for best massager for neck and shoulder pain.

Types of Best Rated Neck and Shoulder Massager


There are numerous different types of best massagers for neck and shoulder pain available in the market, whether you’re looking for something handy for a recent ache in your neck and shoulder or if you’re looking to make an investment in best neck and shoulder massagers to deal with chronic daily pain; we have compiled you the types of neck and shoulder massagers to make you understand what type you will be needing in terms of suiting your requirements best.

Since there are a wide range of neck and shoulder massager types, we have categorized it into two sections.

  • Types of best electric massagers for neck pain
  • Types of non-electric neck massagers

Types of Best Electric Massagers for Neck Pain

Handheld-Massager-1024x512-1-600x300-1 (1)

Following are some best electric massagers for neck and shoulder pain;

Wrap-around Massager: A wrap-around neck massager swathes or wrap around your neck and shoulders to truly target the pain point. You can also buy them with arm straps or Velcro straps, as these are available with arm straps so you can easily put on the pressure you need or Velcro straps if you want a hands free option.
Chair Massager: A chair massager is actually a piece of furniture that you add to your home, and you can sit in each day to cure your daily fatigue or any pain in your neck, shoulder and back too. It helps you relax and relieves the pain in a quick span of time. It’s a huge investment yet it’s undoubtedly the closest type you can get to a hands-on massage.
Chair Pad Massager: The next best thing closer to a chair massager is a massage pad, which is also known as a seat topper. It means you can get a pad and attach to your favorite chair and do not have to invest in a chair massager. Usually, it hooks over the back and spreads up to the neck for a deep massage.
Handheld Massager: A handheld massager is typically a wand or pad that you operate and move around your neck to get to the source of the pain and keep on the moving towards the pain point. Which in result, lessen the pain.
Belt Massager: A belt massager can be wrapped around your neck or shoulders so you can get a deep massage in crucial pain areas.
Cushion / Pillow Massager: A cushion or pillow massager is quite at convenience to use on the neck or shoulder so you can place it exactly where you need the relief from intense pains.
Pulse Massager: More usually known as a TENS unit, it sends low voltage electric impulses across the skin that arouse the nerves and results in lessening of pains.

Types of Non-Electric Neck Massagers


Read on to know the types of non-electric neck massagers available in the market;

Cane Massager: A cane massager is a simple device which can be moved to the right part of the body to provide relief.
Wooden Ball Massager: A wooden ball massager is rubbed on the pain area in order to provide relief. These wooden balls run up and down the skin to release you from pain and tension.
S Shaped Massager: An S shaped massager is a stick massager which generally consists of carefully placed nodes so that the massager can be moved to the exact right position.
3 Prong Mini Massager: A 3 prong mini massager is a simple handheld device that can be used to work out knots and tension in the neck and sometimes in shoulder.
Foam Roller Massager: A foam roller contains a hard or soft exterior depending on the relief needed. Usually, it is rolled up and down the affected area to release tension in the nerves or muscles.

Features of Best Rated Neck and Shoulder Massagers – What to Consider



First point to consider or keep in mind before making a decision to purchase a neck and shoulder massagers is its shape or type. Since, it is extremely important to make sure the massager can really target the source of your pain or not. Either you want to buy an S shaped stick or a chair pad, you just need to make sure that the device you are going to purchase easily reaches where it needs to go at the area of pain or not.


The next you also need to consider the size, will it give your neck and/or shoulder good coverage or will it get to large or small for the pain area to be treated? Is it of fine size to be portable or too large that you cannot carry it around? All points should be considered in order to make the right choice.


In addition to size, weight is also a must consideration as you may be wrapping the device around your neck, or trying to move it on to your neck and shoulder.

Arm Straps

Some certain neck massagers come with arm straps, they can be used so you can control the pressure needed at a specific area.

Velcro Straps

Velcro straps are additional feature usually offered with wrap-around massagers, so that you can help position the massager in the right spot without having to hold it in place with hands.

Electric / Non-Electric

This is a main decision too before buying or wanting to buy a neck and shoulder massager. Ponder which option is right for you electric or non-electric? Whether you want to use your massager on the go, or you just want to ensure you can use it in your favorite chair? Choice is yours to make.


The number of massage nodes that the device offers are different and it is quite important if you’re looking for a deep and intense massage.


Percussion is a style of massage and users describe this technique as thundering or thumping on your back. It is so perfect if you want a deep tissue massage, but it isn’t not ideal if you’re looking for something a little less powerful.


Surely look for this feature! It is a Japanese massage technique, and you will definitely go for it, if you want to copy the hands of a masseuse as closely as possible! Some neck massagers contain an additional direction mode so the nodes are able to change the direction for a more satisfying massage.

Magnetic Field Therapy

Some massagers offer electric magnetic field therapy as a function basically include magnetics, which when placed or moved on the body, are believed to improve the natural magnetic energy within our muscles and nerves.


If you have lumps and want a massage that is really going to work them out, then you must want to look out for the kneading function in massagers.


If you want hand-held control then you should opt for a wand massager or a unit that includes a wand and are quite handy resulting in portability.


Some units offer an added vibration function which should be something you want to consider for that additional extra relief in your nerves.


Heat offers comforting relief from pain as it heats the skin which arouses the sensors and blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain. Countless different best electric massagers for neck pain consist of this option so it’s worth looking out for this feature too. Infrared heat is also a feature offered by some best massagers for neck and shoulder pain.


A timer feature can be convenient if it takes you a little bit of extra time to get to the source of your pain. With this feature you can set a period of time and then just sit back, relax and enjoy the relief.

Automatic Shut Down

Auto shut down is great as it protects you and the unit from overheating. But if it takes you a while to get to the source of your pain, a short automatic shutdown can result in a little frustration.

Strength Settings

If you have good days and bad days and you need a massage that can activate with you then you want to look for a massager that offers a selection of intensity settings. Some devices only come with one or limited setting, so make sure you choose what suits your needs the best.

Speed Settings

In addition to intensity settings you can also look at what speed settings are offered if you want something fast and hard or if you’re looking for something slow and moderate.


Some massagers offer rechargeable facility, which makes them handy and portable to be used in the office or wherever on the go. Look carefully and note the length of time they claim when the product is fully charged.

Speed of Charge

Also note down and consider the speed at which the product goes from flat to fully charged, because this factor is something that’s important to you and sometimes people get frustrated.


If you want to take your massager on vacation or use it at work then a portable selection of the massager can be the one you’re looking for. In portable massagers, look for an appropriate size and lightweight massager device. You can also use a massager in the car, though this can only be used when stationary or as a passenger.

Car Charger

If you want to use the massager in the car, suppose between meetings for example; then it is important for you to look for a neck massager that comes complete in the package with an in car charger.

Power Cord Length

It may appear an unimportant feature but it is important because if you want to use your best massager for neck and shoulder pain in your favorite chair then the dimension of the power cord is important and surely worth checking.


Some massagers come with attachments to target different areas, for example the face, or with oil stick attachments to let you to apply creams or essential oils first, which may be an important feature for the user.


If your pain is hard to reach and you get the power just right, it can be annoying to have to go through the various settings each time. Memory / recall functions remember the strength, speed and style of massage you enjoy which can be helpful on a day to day basis.

Instructional Video

Another extra material that are sometimes offered with best rated neck and shoulder massager product is an instructional video. So, if you want to get the most out of your product then it can be extra handy to watch the video first and look at the instructions.

Benefits of Best Rated Neck and Shoulder Massager 

Benefits-of-Best-Rated-Neck-and-Shoulder-Massager-1024x512-1-600x300-1 (1)

1- Neck Pain

Of course those who suffer from neck pain will benefit from using a best neck and shoulder massager. Neck massagers replicates the hands of a masseuse stimulating the muscles and nerve endings. Research proves that massage therapy is an in effect treatment for chronic neck pain, and a neck massager is essentially mimicking this technique.

2- Shoulder Pain

As well as providing relief from neck pain, a best rated neck massager does also work well for intense shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is one of the most common pain complaints reported in the U.S., and by treating the muscles and nerves with a massager, it is believed that this provides genuine relief.

3- Hard Neck

Either you get a stiff neck sometimes or you suffer from chronic daily pain you will understand how uncomfortable it can be for daily activities. It is understood that around 10% of the adult population are suffering from a rigid neck at any one time, with massagers being advised as a natural way to cure the pain.

4- Muscle Tension

Tensions in the muscles or nerves can also be comforted by a neck massager no matter if it is in your neck, shoulders or back.

5- Migraine / Severe Headache

Massage as a therapy is used both as a treatment and a preemptive method for migraine. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache in the world, and it frequently causes both neck and shoulder pain along with pain in the whole or back of the head.

6- Cervical Spondylitis

Massage therapy as an idea is believed to be an in effect treatment for neck and shoulder pains, though as the neck is incredibly sensitive when you suffer from this condition, so it’s important that you speak to your doctor before beginning treatment or treating it with best electric massager for neck pain.

7- Arthritis

Massage therapy can be an active treatment for arthritis, yet for certain forms of severe arthritis in can have a negative effective too, so, it’s important to consult with your doctor first before planning it to treat with best electric massager for neck pain.

Do Neck Massagers Actually Work?

It’s quite understood that one need to be sure on whether he or she is spending their hard earned money on the right product or not. So understand first that its one’s right to be concerned on whether the best massagers for neck and shoulder pain really work as publicized or not? And the operating if the massagers greatly depends on what therapy style you pick.

Therapy Styles

According to a case study held at Webmd, therapy Styles for massages plays an enormous role in performance and functioning. In case one does not know how to use a massager properly, then it can or it may result into a harmful use for your body. But if you ask us? Yes, best rated neck and shoulder massagers do work. But one must look carefully the provided instructions which comes with the massager devices you buy. You can also search around on YouTube on how to use them properly. Also, we advise you take care of warranty papers which you may need later on, so go and buy best massager for your neck and shoulder pain from one of the best below mentioned reviewed massager products.

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