Best Office Chairs for Back and Neck Pain

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VIVA OFFICE High Back Executive Mesh Chair

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10.0 Out of 10

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Staples 990119 Mesh Task Chair

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9.0 Out of 10

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We have saved you the trouble and listed below are the top best office chairs for neck pain too. Before making a hasty purchase, read on and know what makes these chairs the best for office as well as how workspaces.

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“After our long research and testing multiple office chairs for back pain, we came to the conclusion that the VIVA OFFICE Mesh Chair is the best among all! Period!”


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Why Did We Pick This Chair?

The National Institute of Health recommends choosing a chair with all of the necessary adjustments to support proper body posture. This includes;

1- A chair with casters and a five-point strong base
2- A seat pan with solid small-cell foam filling or coils
3- A backrest curved or small both are enough to fit the size of the back
4- Soft arm supports with adjustable height and width
5- A mesh able seat heat adjustment feature
6- And lastly, an angle adjustment to transfer body weight to the chair’s backrest

VIVA OFFICE Mesh Chair covers all of these points!

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Go through our list of top-ranked ergonomics office chairs:

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November 23, 2020 1:24 am
$904.10 $932.40
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November 23, 2020 1:24 am
$1,199.00 $1,464.00
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November 23, 2020 1:24 am
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 1:24 am

1- Viva Office Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair


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This Viva office high back mesh chair features ergonomic back support and has passed BIFMA testing criteria for all appropriate and valid features. It is easy to assemble and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and includes a free module exchange within two years. Buts its a competitor has less.

What’s amazing is that the breathable mesh is used in both the seat and back of the chair to restrict moisture building up from body heat and to prevent bad odors.

Also, it has well quality nylon caster and a base for smooth stability. Viva office chair offers and promotes an ergonomically correct seating position that really helps in improving the body posture and overall health when you sit in front of a computer or a desk for an extensive period of time.

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VIVA OFFICE High Back Executive Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest

Last update was on: November 23, 2020 1:24 am

Offers an easy handle as you just have to pull up on the right control handle to raise or lower the seat and you even have to pull out the same handle to angle the chair forward and back.

You are also at the liberty to make back tilt variations or lock the tilt for added relaxation with the same left control handle.

Moreover, there is also a tilt-tension handle under the chair that makes it harder or easier to rock back in your chair depending upon how you have turned it.

All these features makes this Viva chair super adjustable with customized controls that allows you to raise or lower your seat according to your personal preferences.

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  • Adequate headrest for taller people
  • Good quality mesh design in both seat and back for firmness and comfortability
  • Straightforward and easy assemblage


  • Back tilt backs but seat does not move
  • Lock handle is a little hard to push
  • Not adjustable armrests

2- Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair


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If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer throughout the day, then for sure it is important to stay cool, right?

The heavy-duty Hyken Mesh Office Chair comes furnished with arms that are modifiable, adjustable seat positioning, and breathable mesh. All in all, with the technical design of this chair, one can easily stay comfortable for hours and it has a tendency to complement any modern workspace.

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Staples 990119 Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair Black

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Last update was on: November 23, 2020 1:24 am

This Hyken chair is built of back technical mesh designed to keep your back and lower area cool. Also, it includes height adjustment as well as lumbar and arm support. Cool, is not it?

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With a 250-pound weight capability, this best office chair for neck and back pain is an easy to assemble chair with up-front instructions and packed parts that lessen assemblage time and confusion.

In addition to all other features, one can also get simple tilt customization with an in-built tilt tension control handle that locks itself when you have found just the right position.

You can also make easy changes with the Hyken’s inflated height adjustment while well-made rolling casters give you suave and easy movement across the floor. Click here to view more about this product on Amazon.


  • Breathable netting and tough rolling wheels
  • Good general alterations
  • Gives durability feels because of its robust structure
  • Good worth for the price


  • The delicate headrest that can shake
  • Arm supports do not change to a specific low position
  • Cushioning does not restrict the feeling of the plastic, which the chair is made up of.

3- Steelcase Leap Desk Chair


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Its bestselling fabric chair complements its overall efficiency with relatively better neck support and optional headrest and all gear.

Along with its patented Live Black technology, this chair gives us a very useful system to let the back of the chair to copy the movements of our spine and consequently correcting our postures and supporting our weights both, no matter if we lean our back or not, it stops back pain.

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Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair, Black,46216179FBL

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 1:24 am
$904.10 $932.40

Its arm supports are greatly adjustable while contracting in and out and moving both forward and backward and up or down, according to our needs. We recommend it for extreme office workaholics. Its seat and height adjustment is too good with other extraordinary vast range of adjustments.

Its well-tried and verified weight limits deliver total support for all body sizes and shape, which means you can get it to fit you even though it looks bigger or smaller than your body at a first glance.

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As it also offers an optional headrest that has a range of adjustments including straight up to 6’ and aimed to stay vertical with tilt back resistance.

That way the head is supported at all times and overall, the body does not get tempted to break out of the related posture.

In summary, this chair really looks good too with fulfilling all high ergonomic chair expectations to satisfy both your mental and physical comfort. Click here to view more about this product on Amazon.


  • Live Back technology simulates movements of the spine
  • High range movement of tilt handle and preeminent leg positions
  • Greatly adaptable arm supports
  • 98% recyclable according to weight
  • Made up of 30% recycled material


  • High price but quite deserving with the features and comforts the chair comes with

4- Human scale Freedom Chair


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This Freedom chair can take part in any modern workspace beautifully as it gives you the full ease of usage, style and most importantly comfort. It is actually designed to balances the office workspace as it is created according to the body weight of the user and the laws of physics to give direct and speedy custom support to each consumer. One can gain seamless balance that lets them move smoothly while feeling entirely supported in every position.

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Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair - Wave

Usually ships in 6-10 business days
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 1:24 am
$1,199.00 $1,464.00

With body fitting contouring, the Freedom Chair lets you sit securely and at ease all day with cushions aimed for the most comfort. This eco-friendly chair also offers an intelligent tilt back mechanism which gives you custom support inevitably despite the fact that reassuring impulsive and healthy movement every day. There are no manual tuning and alterations or annoying control handles and holds, which makes sitting in this Freedom chair easy and effortless.

Bringing forward an innovative design, its backrest lets you reel by design and modifies to accommodate your spine’s varying needs. Most importantly, the gel seat equally dispenses compression as well as absorbing shock. In addition to that, the arm supports stay with you as you tilt back giving you comfort and constant support.


  • Upright adjust back is great for people who are tall
  • Decent support from the curving backrest
  • Comfy while still remaining stable
  • Arms supports are fastened at the back of the chair, which allows you to sit however you like


  • Armrests can come off the turning point if you push down on them when you get up.
  • The seat becomes harder and more uncomfortable if you use it for a longer period of time.
  • The headrest will change its position and will not stay where you positioned it first.

5- Komene Mesh Office Chair

Check out its price on Amazon Here!

If you are a back pain sufferer, you will definitely like the Komene office chair. As it will surely keep you comfortable while protecting your back and will allow you to focus on the work without being distracted by cramps or body aches. Komene Ergonomic Office Chair combines a high degree of tilt back, active lumbar support, strong neck support and makes up an overall finest build quality to take the crown for the best office chair for back and neck pain. It offers many of the same back and neck pain saving features as other luxury brand offers in their office seats but at a reasonable price.

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Komene Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, High Back Computer Chairs with Adjustable Headrest...

Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Last update was on: November 23, 2020 1:24 am
$269.99 $299.99

This best office chair for neck and back pain is not like a one-size-fits-all chair that asks the user to adapt to it, essentially and just about every part of the Komene office chair is completely customizable. Its long bent backrest supports entire spine, from neck to hips and adjustable tilt lets the user modify the chair according to precise needs from vertical 90 degrees to the expert-recommended 135 degrees that places the least amount of pressure on the spine, and every angle in between.

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For people with lower back issues, this Komene chair offers self-modifying lumbar support in the form of a separate, pressure-sensitive mechanism that resonates to the amount of pressure the body apply. And let us mention here that, it is one of the most versatile features we’ve seen in an office chair at this price range making it a competitive chair in the list of best office chair for neck pain.

Everyone knows back and neck pain usually goes hand in hand, and the Komene has got you covered on both basis equally. Its large headrest leans to support your neck at any angle as you tilt back. Joined with the versatile 3D armrests that move in all four directions, it’s tough to find a chair that provides better full-body support at this price range.

Click here to read more about this product on Amazon!


  • Perfect 135 maximum rest
  • 3 piece backrest with pressure-sensitive lumbar, which provides persistent lower back support
  • The strong headrest that is adjustable both in height and angle
  • Forceful cascade edge seat to lessen pressure under the thighs


  • It’s all mesh design is not as soft as fabric for long term comfortable sitting
  • Few issues have been reported about the hydraulics after a few months’ time periods


Aspects to Consider before Opting for The Best Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain

But before jumping directly as to what best office chair for neck and back pain to buy, first take a look at the aspects that what right factors to consider before buying a right ergonomic office chair.

Below mentioned are some points to consider;

Adjustability: Adjustability is a top factor to consider as customization is necessary for the user according to their needs. Usually, abasic chair propose alterations for the height and arm supports. Keep in mind that the more adjustable features a chair offers, the great it is to buy because it is versatile and can accommodate a larger number of consumers.

Lumbar Care: Second most important aspect to keep in mind is support, because there are a lot of people who suffer from weak body disorders which can easily initiate lower back long-lasting pain. Remember that the chair that provides lumbar support has an S-shaped backrest resulting it into an ergonomic chair, which follows the natural, structural movements of the body. Getting an S shaped backrest office chair will prevent the lower back into rounding forward.

Rolling Casters: Always opt for rolling chair with strong base and rolling casters that allow you to move around the office freely while avoiding the strain triggered by extending your arms to get something. Keep in mind that the wheelbase and 360-degree rotation is an important aspect to consider before buying the best office chair for neck and back pain. Apart from that, keep in mind and check before purchasing whether a certain chair can easily move smoothly over carpeted areas or not.

Constituents: Imitation or man-made, mesh fabric is more reasonable and breathable, which helps keep the user’s back cool while being in the office chair for long hours. Then again, the leather looks more fashionable and modish, also softer but it’s relatively expensive and gets hot pretty fast. So, do not opt for leather material office chairs unless you have the AC on in your office. Opt for the office chair which has a sturdy, metal or hardwood base.

Cushioning: Whenever you go out to look for a comfortable chair to purchase, remember that padding of the chair is an important factor. Insufficient padding may lead to chronic back pain, whereas more than enough padding may out a little too much compression on the cramps. So, when we talk about padding. The best office chairs for back and neck pain are the ones that make you feel comfortable and firm while letting you move around naturally.

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Is your office chair making you feel uncomfortable or you think it is causing you the back pain you are feeling nowadays? Bearing in mind the fact that most of the people spend over half and more of their working hours sitting down in their chair. And there is none lacking the evidence that being stuck in a chair for too long can increase the possibility of cardiovascular disease or even worsen your back pain. In fact, let us state a true fact here is that sitting too much in your office chair is even worse than smoking.

Shocked yet?

Many people encounter problems that are developed from their office jobs such as spinal misalignment, joint pain, neck pain, herniated discs more commonly by sitting too long on a poor quality office chair without any ergonomic support. Anyone who suffers from neck or back pain knows how unbearable it is, especially if you spend quite a lot of time during your day behind a desk in your office chair.

You can advance tension and pain in your shoulders and neck that may make it hard for you to do your work. Once you start to have neck pain, you may also start to experience other problems like increased stress, headaches, and problems holding or lifting things.

Neck pain can be commenced by a variety of factors, but the most common is the firmness of nerves in your neck that are caused by bad posture mainly. Mostly the neck pain is associated with the back pain. One solution to this problem is to look for a chair you will spend most of your day.

Let’s get to case studies, two separate studies have been conducted in 1990 and 2003, recorded and found that efficiency goes up to more than 17% when employers work in an ergonomic environment setting with a right ergonomic adjustable chair. Moreover, the right chair with the right ergonomics can even reduce the chance of workspace hurts. No matter if you do not have the wrist or back pain problems, but a right ergonomic chair has the capability to help you maintain the right body posture to avoid strain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or even spinal disc problem.

By now you must have known that, the right ergonomic office chair can be of a great benefit in order to manage your pain and relieving tension. So, now the question arises here is what is a good office chair and where will you find it? Since, the fact is that almost every ergonomic office chair claims to help you with back pain, but that is so not true. So, know that if there is anything that you can change making your office hours daily easier, it’s the chair you sit in. No one probably want to invest a significant amount of money on a chair but know that a high-quality ergonomic chair is an investment in your health, comfort, and productivity throughout a long period of time.

Read on the thorough guide to find what best office chair for back and neck pain will be suitable for you. Does a high back really help in making up for the backbone support? Are tilt back office chairs not well other than ones with a 90 degrees straight back? How significant is lumbar support in back pain relief? You might want to get the answers to these questions, so carry on with the reading and you will get to know. We will look into top 5 best office chair for back and neck pain that will not be a burden on the bill and also these will actually help with the lower and upper back pain.

After thorough research and experience the effects of these chairs, our reviewers ranked them as follows:

  1. VIVA OFFICE High Back Executive Mesh Chair(Editos’s Choice)
  2. Staples 990119 Mesh Task Chair(2nd Best)
  3. Steelcase Leap Desk Chair
  4. Human scale Freedom Chair
  5. Komene Mesh Office Chair 

If you spend most of your time on computers or you have long working hours at the office, then you crucially need to invest in a good ergonomic office chair that comes in the list of best office chair for neck and back pain. Above discussed chairs are top notch and best office chairs for neck and back pain as they are assisted by years of research and testing standards. To save you from trouble, we have taken reviewed through top best office chairs for back and neck pain in the market. But keep in mind here that, while best office chairs for neck pain may relieve pain as you use these but it does not exactly cure back or neck pain. We endow knowingly more of our energy and time today in front of personal computers at home and office both, so you can use the above reviewed best office chairs for neck and back pain at your office and home too.

Sitting in chairs that are not designed according to good can lead to major health problems like dreary stress wounds or carpal passage disorders. Hence, make a careful purchase if you do not want your back pain to increasing due to sitting in the long duration. The above-listed office chairs are best office chairs for neck pain too are able to give you a lot of relaxation and comfort without any compromise on the ergonomics.

People spend most of their time in the offices on bad chairs and then coming home and spending the rest of the time on the expensive leather couch or the bed that just enhances that pain. They need a chair that can give them a neck support them to improve their health and besides that, you can always get the most comfortable portable beds and some of the best mattress pads for both back and neck pain. Mostly the main problem is that people spend most of their time at the office sitting with their nonslip work shoes. These problems can also be minimized by taking frequent breaks and maintaining a good posture. Gamers have a lot of issues with this too as they sit all day long with gaming laptops under 500 on their gaming desks. Exercise can also minimize this thing a lot, just having a table and playing with ping pong paddles or just having a nice soccer training ball or just mere walking helps a lot.

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