Best Green Laser Pointer for Presentations – Top 5 Choices

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1- Logitech R800

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10.0 Out of 10

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2- Targus AMP13US

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9.0 Out of 10

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Laser pointers are the small handheld devices that produce beams of light. Among them, the most familiar one is the best green laser pointer for presentations. It catches the attention of the viewers and makes it convenient for you to explain graphs, charts and other details, particularly on the bigger screens.

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After comparing a number of products and doing in-depth research, we have come to the following conclusion:

“Logitech R800 is the best long-range laser pointer 2019 for presentations that allows 100-feet wireless range allowing you to move around and mingle with the audience. Also, with the RSSI indicator, it alerts you if you ever go out of the range.”

best laser pointer 2019

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Why Is Logitech R800 Our Best Choice?

  • Logitech R800 comes with a 100 feet wireless range while the wireless range of other laser pointers is less than 100 including Targus AMP13US with 50 feet range.
  • It has a timer and silent vibrating alarms that let you know if the time is running out whereas Targus AMP13US and other laser pointers among our top 5 choices lack this feature.
  • With RSSI indicator, Logitech R800 alerts you if you ever go out of range while Targus AMP13US and other laser pointers don’t offer this convenience.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Presentation Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer Green

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Targus AMP13US (Our 2nd Choice)

laser pointer for presentations

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Why Is Targus AMP13US Our Second Choice?

Targus AMP13US is also one of the best green laser pointers for presentations, but as it lacks some of the features as compared to Logitech R800, so it is on second in our list.

  • The built-in laser pointer of Targus AMP13US is not very bright as compared to Logitech R800 which has a bright green laser pointer.
  • The wireless range of Targus AMP13US is 50 feet while Logitech R800 comes with 100 feet wireless range.
  • Targus AMP13US lacks some of the advanced features like RSSI indicator and silent vibrating alarms which are included in Logitech R800.

Targus Laser Presentation Remote with Key Lock Technology to Lock Non-Essential Buttons, Includes Mini USB Receiver, 50-Foot Range (AMP13US)

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Why Is Targus AMP13US Still Not A Deal Breaker?

  • While using one AAA battery for power in Targus AMP13US, there is another slot for a backup battery while Logitech R800 doesn’t provide backup battery.
  • Targus AMP13US has KeyLock Technology that locks the non-essential buttons to eliminate the chances of accidental button presses, whereas many laser pointers don’t have this feature.
  • The design of Targus AMP13US is ergonomic and easy to operate while Logitech R800 lacks simplicity in its design.

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Best Long-Range Wireless Presentation Remote Reviews 2019

If you are looking for a laser remote that offers good presentation delivery in an effective manner, we have concluded our review to the top 6 best green laser pointers for presentations in 2019. These long-range wireless presentation remotes offer a range of features including but not limited to an LCD that displays a timer so that you can manage your time more efficiently.

A best green laser pointer is an extremely handy and valuable presentation tool while presenting a new idea or business plan in professional presentation sessions or even giving a PowerPoint presentation in class. It offers a nice range so that you can freely move around and engage the audience at large as it catches the attention of viewer making it easier to explain charts, graphs and other worth describing details, especially on widely huge screens.

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Hence, no matter if you’re in the corporate world or a student, it’s understood that at some point you will have to give a presentation to your class, professor or in your business meeting session. If you often create PowerPoint or a Google Slide presentation quite often, you sure want to invest in a long-range wireless presentation remote, which will help you up to your professional game.

This really amazing remote makes presentations quite great that’s why this review guide brings you the best green laser pointer for presentations. When it comes to presenting, you’re going to want the best laser pointer money can buy. However, it’s important to understand that not every remote device comes with a powerful laser, and not every laser is powerful enough to use when presenting.

In this review guide, we will guide you the elements you need to keep an eye out in hope to help you pick out which model is the best laser pointer remote for you.

Read on the product list and choose what best suits your budget as well as your needs.

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January 18, 2021 6:48 am
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Last update was on: January 18, 2021 6:48 am

1- Logitech R800 | Editor’s Fine Choice

best laser pointer 2019Click here to check price of Logitech R800

Logitech likely makes the best pointers on the market and nothing is doubting it. They hold a huge percentage of the market, and there’s a good reason for that.

Logitech is quite known for its production of high-quality computer hardware. The most important aspect of a laser presenter is the wireless part that how far the presenter can convey its signals is the very important thing. And to your utter surprise, Logitech R800 allows you a 100-foot wireless range which is comparatively a huge range to give a presentation and to move around and mingle with the audience.

This motion enables the presenter to engage with the audience directly. The Logitech R800 with laser pointer is a fantastic choice with its outstanding features for professionals who need the ultimate in reliability. It features a bright green laser pointer that’s is easy to see in any room and its USB wireless receiver relieve you from any worries you might feel using a Bluetooth remote.

By using Logitech R800, you get solid battery life from just 2 AAA batteries that stay for 20 hours when using the laser pointer. Moreover, it has a nifty LCD display that specifies the strength of the wireless signal and displays the timer while providing silent vibrating alerts so that you can manage the presentation time without having to watch the clock. Its in-built controls are other great additions meant to enhance easy one-touch slideshow navigation. Also, the remote comes with a plug-and-play USB wireless receiver that stores in the presenter making it easy to pack up. Furthermore, you can use it with Mac or Windows as it easily gets integrated with the majority of different operating systems. If we’re talking bang for the buck, then R800 is undoubtedly the best good value for money.


  • 100-feet wireless range
  • Up to 20 hours in laser pointer manner
  • Tracking of battery life in the LCD display
  • Timer and silent vibrating alarms to let know if time is running over
  • Works on any Windows 7 or later windows PC or other operating systems
  • RSSI indicator, if you ever stray too far out of range


  • Not a sleek design laser pointer
  • Lack of simplicity when compared to other wireless presenters
  • No volume controls

2- Targus AMP13US (Our Second Choice)

laser pointer for presentations

Click here to check price of Targus AMP13US

The Targus AMP13US is a wireless presenter that is equally simple in design and rich in features. It is a multi-purpose wireless presenter that maintains simplicity but leaves a little room for errors.

Targus AMP13US flaunts a wireless range of 50 feet, which provides the presenter with the freedom to move away from the podium or desk while freely moving around in the area. This can be important if you wish to engage your audience more directly.

Though this Targus device tries hard to be a multi-purpose wireless presenter, yet it falls short in some categories. First, its built-in laser pointer is not very bright in comparison to other wireless presenters. This may appear to be problematic if the screen is bright or you give a presentation in a large room, as such that if your audience cannot see the laser, it setbacks the purpose of having a laser pointer in the first place.

On the other hand, one excellent design feature of the Targus is its battery bay where the USB receiver is also stored. If a presenter uses one AAA battery for power, there is another slot for a backup battery and it’s a very handy feature. If one of the batteries dies, then you have another one right at hand to use alternatively. Also, Targus offers a one-year limited warranty for this wireless presenter.


  • 50-feet range
  • Provides backup battery
  • Multi-purpose wireless presenter


  • Quite a simple device that leaves a little room for errors
  • It has a built-in laser pointer but not very bright

3- LNKOO Laser Pen Presentation Clicker

best budget gaming laptop Click here to check price of LNKOO Laser Pen Presentation Clicker

Doesn’t it look simply silly to carry a large object whose only job is to control the slideshow of your presentation So, Wireless laser pointers need to be compact and the LNKOO Ultrathin is one of the smallest wireless laser pointers we came across in our research to present you in our review guide. It gives you the liberty to move around within the 30-feet radius of its USB receiver. For so many purposes, this range is adequately enough to do everything you need to do. LNKOO offers a red laser pointer into a presentation’s solid design. This laser pointer enhances a new level of adaptability to the Ultrathin, allowing the user to highlight key facts and important figures during your presentation without resorting to a keyboard.

It can be difficult to press the correct button due to its small design. It does not help that the buttons are not spaced out over the surface area of its body, but rather are bunched together. So, the chances of pressing a wrong button are mildly higher with this wireless presenter than others we looked at.

Due to the slim design of LNKOO, it uses a button battery instead of the standard AA or AAA because there is no room for larger batteries. And keep in mind that button batteries are more expensive than standard batteries as they are harder to find.


  • 30-feet range
  • Most thin wireless presenter
  • Uses button battery


  • 30-feet range
  • Most thin wireless presenter
  • Uses button battery

4- Best Compatibility | Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote

gaming laptops under 300Click here to check price of Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote

The laser light is one of the main and important features of the wireless presenter and the canon PR10-G has a bright green laser that is 8x times more powerful than the standard red laser light we find in most of the wireless pointers. Also, what’s best is that there is no need for any software installation setup in both windows and Mac books, as you can jump right into the presentation mode.

Its ergonomic build is lightweight and comfortable to hold in the hand. It gives you a wireless range of 100-feet and that is one of the longest wireless range provided by a wireless presenter other than Logitech R800, we have mentioned above. It means that you can easily give your presentation while moving around easily in a large conference room.

The canon PR10-G has an LCD display on it. This LCD display offers quick access to signal strength, as well as a timer, so you know exactly for how long you have been on stage for the presentation. Furthermore, you can also add set alerts at chosen timings to keep your stage time in check. What’s best here is that means you do not have to keep track of time separately. Cool right?


  • 100-feet range
  • Best Compatible with windows and Mac books
  • Green laser light with 8x times more visible than other wireless presenters
  • LCD display
  • Time alert


  • More usage will result in the need to replace the battery more frequently

5- Kensington K72336US

best cheap gaming laptopClick here to check price of Kensington K72336US

Kensington brings the individualities of elegance and simplicity in a well-designed smartly assembled package. This presenter has many features that make it stand out from the competition, but little flaws and high price keep it out of top spots.

It is ergonomically designed, with a comfortable in hand feel and a simple button layout that allows you to switch back and forth between slides and use it without you even looking to your hand again and again. Also, the USB receiver fits in remote’s housing.

You don’t even need to install any software for this presenter you just need to plug it in and here you go. It gives you a range of 30-feet which is not as impressive as compared to other laser pointers, though this range is enough for most people and really doesn’t indicate a problem. Apart from that, it holds a low battery indicator that is one of its lifesaving features.

The Kensington has a stylish and neat design feature that helps in preserving battery life. When the USB receiver is placed in its bay, the presenter turns the unit off completely. That was a great idea, but there is a little bit of flaw in this idea. In order to get the USB receiver out of its bay, you need to push it in a little and it will pop out. And if it is in your backpack, the receiver will then easily get pushed. That would turn the presenter on and unlock all the buttons. For those who want a presenter with the ability to handle complicated presentation loaded with video and links, the Kensington K72336US will fall short of expectations. Because this laser pointer is built around one idea that is simplicity.


  • 30-feet range
  • Ergonomically designed and larger than other presenters
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Backed up from the company
  • Low battery indicator


  • Hard to get USB receiver out of its bay
  • Not suitable to handle complicated presentation loaded with video and links

What Exactly Is Wireless Presentation Remote and How It Works Best for You?

It’s a small device, a digital wireless remote that is used to control the slideshow of the particular presentation while making sure the time accuracy when a respective slide needs to be changed.  These are small and lightweight and come in numerous shapes and sizes that allow speakers or instructors the freedom and flexibility to move away from the screen in order to engage with the audience. We know you will be needing some help finding the best green laser pointer for presentations that work for you, so, later in the article, we will round up the best presentation clickers to purchase today.

We know that it is essential for a presenter to be capable enough to draw and grab his audience’s attention towards his prepared presentation, which is why different presenters use different strategies to get audience’s attention and let us tell you a trick here is that using a long-range wireless presentation remote is one of the best approach in keeping the audience engaged and interested in what you have to present. Usage of the presentation remote makes one’s presentation much more interesting as that way, one has a proper command over the material.

Instead of leaving your audience lost in reading a large block of words and statistics, what you can do is, you can instead involve them by prominently highlighting an idea to focus on with the laser beam. Moreover, with modern laser pointers, you are free to move around the room and engage with the audience members, which all in all provides you with full control over your presentation no matter where you stand in the room.

Professionals use the remotes that have inbuilt laser lights, which are used to highlight important points and specify key points of the presentation. This long-range wireless presentation remote device comes in handy in schools as well as offices and score plus point for the presenter. You can easily go through all the minor details when presenting which is a helpful point.

Different Laser Pointer Colors

There are four different colors of lasers: red, green, blue, and yellow. While other colors do exist, they aren’t usually found in laser pointers. This is because the color of the laser connects to how high the wavelength is.

Thus, there sure is a safe procedure when it comes to making laser pointers and we are going to discuss it under the “wavelength” section below of this review guide.


The number of nanometers, known as nm, measures a laser pointer. A laser ranges anywhere from 400 to 700 nanometers usually. Know here that with increasing power comes a more powerful light. Blue, purple, and green lights fall within the 400 nm range while red and yellow are in the 550 to 700 nm range. The best nm for the human eye is around 555 nm, which produces a bright red laser beam making it comfortable and efficient for the audience and presenter respectively.

Laser Pointer Safety Advice

Lasers normally aren’t harmful if not misused. You’ll find that there isn’t a safe range for laser pointers, but there are power levels that don’t inflict as much damage. Remember that any range lower than 550 nm is safe for the human eye, as it gives the human enough time to blink and won’t damage any cones found inside the eye. However, when that level gets higher towards 600 nm, one flash into the eye has the potential to end up producing permanent eye damage, therefore making it very unsafe if misused or by accident.

Buy Only from Trusted Laser Pointer Brands

When it comes to long range wireless presentation remote laser pointers, it is recommended to go for a best brand or company that specializes in making laser pointers. As laser pointers can be very dangerous when made incorrectly without any quality control. So, choose a company that knows how to produce the best ones that too in a reasonable cost range, checks for quality control, and includes safety precautions is key.

All brands mentioned in this article are well-known brands that offer quality laser pointers including but not limited to; Red Star Tec, Canon, and Logitech.

Various Laser Pointer Applications

There are two types of laser pointer applications: for presentations and for pets. The ones made for pets are much safer for the eyes, as they try and limit the amount of nm found in the system, just in case it unintentionally comes into contact with the pet’s eyes.

The other type of laser used mostly for presentations and used by presenters, and you’ll find that these often have higher nm powers because they need to be able to be seen over backgrounds and colorful graphs in even bright lights.

How Does a Laser Pointer Work?

Laser pointers work by projecting a small that is a minimal yet powerful beam of light onto a surface. The first end of the laser features a mirror, and on the opposite end, is a semi see-through mirror rests. A flash tube will then use a light source, such as a laser beam, and shoot it to one end of the rod to the other end.

After this, when you press the power button on, the tube sends atoms inside the rod and force it to point at the mirror. This results in it indicating towards the semi see-through mirror and exits the laser onto a surface.

How to Fix a Laser Pointer on Your Own?

If you find your laser pointer is a little out of order and needs to be fixed, we guide you through some points and a few ways to do it without having to take it to a repair shop or replacing the whole unit. Here’s a list of a few hits you can try at home;

  1. Try and change the batteries. Sometimes, one fix to a unit that just suddenly stopped working is just a simple change of batteries. Choose new batteries and replace them with old ones.
  2. Disassemble the laser or unscrew the unit and check to see if there is an issue with the circuit. You can even find replacement parts and order them online, though it may be inexpensive to replace the whole unit.
  3. Take away the internal circuit board, take out all parts and check if you can get the circuit board off. After doing this, replace it and see if there were any connectivity problems.
  4. Test all components of the laser – check to see if there are any cut wires, if the circuit isn’t connecting, see if there is a smaller issue.
  5. Fit the potentiometer to the highest setting and power it with batteries. Check if the laser has a continuous beam or if it’s clicking. Know that if the pen shows any sign of weakness, then it’s to be expected that the unit will not work anymore.

How Far Can a Laser Pointer Travel?

Laser pointers have some extraordinary range compared to older models. When you think of a laser pointer, you may imagine the ones they used back in school. However, with modern advancements in technology, lasers now reach a bit farther while still holding a powerful beam of light.

The range of a laser pointer can range anywhere from 30 feet all the way to over 300 feet. You will find that a majority fall into the 30-feet category, as these ones are good for small presentations or meetings. Though, the most common one is the ones with a 100-feet range. Usually, these lasers are excellent for college classes or conference rooms and feature a bright red laser that will show up on most backdrops clearly and effectively.

Why One Prefer to Use A Laser Pointer During Presentations?

Usually, laser pointers have two different uses: for fun and for business. While it may seem enticing to play with a laser pointer, you should only play with it if the laser is below 550 nm. These lasers are safe and won’t cause any permanent damage to the eyes if accidentally flashed into someone’s eyes.

Now, there are also pet models of laser pointers produced in the market, and these are comparatively safe. Before buying or using a particular laser pointer, be sure to check for the no power and see if it meets safety regulations.

Benefits of Using Long Range Wireless Presentation Remote

A wireless presenter is a simple and basic need, if you want to engage your audience and want them to stay focused on your presentation to the fullest. And to be fair, presentation pointers are very important for professional presentations than they were in the old days. Let’s take a look at some advantages of buying wireless presentation pointers.

Below mentioned benefits of long range wireless presentation remote will help you in understanding that these laser pointers aren’t terrible but if greater usages. These presenters are for the people, who want to give meaningful and effective professional presentations.

1.      Portability

The long-range wireless presentation remote pointers are portable, that means one can take them from one place to the other without any tension of wires. Wires are clutter and can be mixed-up which annoys most people, so, the main purpose of wireless presenters is to provide portability. Hence, you just need the USB receiver for the connection and you can just plug and play devices.

2.      Comfort

When buying a wireless presenter, the most important thing that you should look for is whether the laser pointer fit in your hand and are you able to hold it in comfortably.

Some long-range wireless presentation remotes are too loud when you click to change the slide. And especially for the presenters who take on the perspective that the more slides you have, the better your presentation will be, so if your remote pointer has a loud voice, then each click of the button may displease the near audience sitting around you.

3.      Battery Life

One must also take in consideration the battery life when buying a wireless presentation pointer. The whole battery is reliant on the technology of the battery used by the pointer and the person who uses it. Make sure you’re aware of battery life and its usage duration when you go and buy yourself a wireless pointer.

4.      Wireless Range and Laser Quality

You must consider the wireless range and brightness of laser light when you are buying a wireless pointer. Wireless range is the most important thing in wireless presenter so, first check the range offers by the presenter you are intending to buy. The main driving point of a wireless presenter is to point out and emphasize on the major facts of a presentation so, it’s very important that the laser is must be bright and of adequate range you require.

Things You Should Look for In Wireless Laser Pointers

When you use the best green laser pointer for presentations, you actually direct the audience’s attention on a presentation. And, at the same time, you want to knock that presentation out of the park, right? Well, let us show you that the best laser pointers can easily help you do it.

Now that you have taken a look at all the key benefits of buying wireless pointers. Let’s look at some points you should look for in buying a wireless presentation pointer.

Know that wireless presenters sure make the difference between a good presentation and an excellent presentation and of course, some wireless presenters suits your needs better than others. In order to present you with the best options, we focus greatly on the following aspects;

Before buying long-range wireless presentation remotes or best green laser pointer for presentations, consider and determine the below-mentioned aspects to check if the pointer you are going to purchase is worth having or not. Points are as follows;

1.      Power

There are four different laser colors on the spectrum: red, green, blue, and yellow. When it comes to deciding which color is best, first understand the science behind what produces these colors. The Power is measured in milliwatts or mW.

These types of color power are categorized into different sub-classes, and each different sub-class has its own amount of power. There are four different classes: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Class 1 activates at less than half an mW, whereas Class 2 lasers use up to 1 mW. Classes 3 and 4 are the ones that are somehow dangerous for the human eye, and they operate at a peak of up to 5 mW.

Remember, red lasers are on the much lower end of the power spectrum and they do not have the same range as of best green laser pointer for presentations, but they are much safer. Then again, if you are likely to present from a distance such as at a convention, certainly look for something more powerful that has the range you need.

2.      Size

The size of the laser isn’t substantial when it comes to defining if it’s useful or not. Some laser pointers claim to be bigger, this is more for convenience or other features. The power of the laser or range doesn’t factor into the size. We’d recommend finding a laser pointer that is as big as a pen, as it will be more convenient to carry with you.

3.      Cost

The cost is another factor that you should consider. While it may be appealing to get a cheaper device, but the issue is that the cheaper the unit, the less likely the company pays attention to quality control.

The power, wavelength, and safety features in a laser pointer altogether contribute to whether the laser has the potential to be harmful if flashed in the eyes. That’s why we recommend you best to avoid cheaper models and opt for medium-range ones in its place.

4.      Beam Color

Although red is a classic, laser pointers these days are also freely available in best green laser pointer for presentations, violet, blue and others. If you want to keep it classic red is a great bet, but it doesn’t offer the same power as of some of the newer colors offer.

On the other hand, best green laser pointer for presentations are the most visible and can have powerful beams that allow you to point far into the night sky, but it’s dangerous because don’t go pointing it at any airplanes because that’s a crime and they will track you down.

5.      Bonus Features

Many commercial laser pointers come with a lens that can be built-in over the beam to diffuse the light into curious patterns such as a grid of dots or special shapes. While this feature may not be mainly useful to you, a more useful add-on is the laser pointers that come with built-in presentation buttons. As this allows the laser to serve more than one purpose, and can be extremely useful for advancing your presentation slides too.


Best green laser pointer for presentations or long-range wireless presentation remote pointers come in various colors and can be used for multiple uses. Whether you’re using it for fun or intend to use it at your next presentation, laser pointers will enhance your ability to keep your audience’s attention and have them engaged throughout the presentation session.

Whether you go for the traditional red, an adventurous green, or something more striking like violet or yellow, a long-range wireless pointer can be of a great asset in any presentation. And same like that no matter if you’re pointing out stars a guide on night hikes, in a hall giving a lecture, or in a conference room with your pitch, a best green laser pointer for presentations will surely direct the attention of your audience with ease you might not otherwise have.

Although all the models we have reviewed above fall in best categories, yet the R800 is still the best recommended green laser pointer remote as it has multiple functions and additional features that a professional would need. It offers the best balance between range and controls. The range features over 100 feet and the controls are easy and simple while offering you more functionality. This makes it our top choice when it comes to laser pointers in general.

Know that a best green laser pointer for presentations should let you have an easy time when you want to highlight your points while conveying presentations. So far, the above-mentioned laser units will surely help you do that since they have helped other users gain these benefits and much more. For that reason, try them out and we assure you that you will get a positive experience during your presentations.

Don’t forget to check our first choice Logitech R800 and 2nd choice Targus AMP13US on Amazon.

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