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Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym

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Weider Ultimate Body Works

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Don’t you think having a full gym set up in your own home can be amazing where you will have your own bench, squat rack, pull-up station, leg developer, barbell, and pec deck? But while living in a department, many of us don’t have the space for all that.

Thankfully, there is all in one home gym available these days, ranging from box-sized gyms that can be stored even under the bed to high-end multi gyms that hardly take up a corner of your living room.

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After going through a number of options available in the market and doing thorough research on compact home gym units, we have concluded that:

“Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym is the best home gym that offers more than 60 versatile exercises targeting your whole-body muscles. It is the best solution to achieve your fitness and strength training goals at the convenience of your home.”

Why Is Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym Our First Choice?

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  • Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym with various accessories offers more than 60 versatile quality exercises, whereas Weider Ultimate Body Works doesn’t offer that much versatility when it comes to workout.
  • The standard power rod resistance of Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym is 210 lbs. However, it can be upgraded to 310 lb. or 410 lb, whereas the Weider home gym lacks this feature.
  • Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym provides quiet operation while the gliding mechanism of Weider Ultimate Body Works is a bit noisy.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

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Why Is Weider Ultimate Body Works the Runner Up?

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Weider Ultimate Body Works has a number of beneficial features making it the best home gym 2019, but on the same hand, it lacks few aspects because of which it has become the runner up on our list.

  • Weider Ultimate Body Works doesn’t offer as much versatility in terms of exercises with its accessories and components as compared to Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym, offering 60 different quality exercises.
  • The gliding mechanism of Weider Ultimate Body Works is a bit noisy while Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym provides quiet operation.
  • As compared to Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym sturdy steel frame, Weider Ultimate Body Works equipment is not as much durable.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

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What Makes Weider Ultimate Body Works Still Worthy?

  • While buying a home gym, the main feature everyone looks for is compact design and portability. The Weider home gym is light in weight, compact, and more portable as compared to Bowflex, which is heavy, occupies more space and is less portable.
  • Weider Ultimate Body Works is an inexpensive and affordable choice as compared to Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym.
  • Assembling Weider Ultimate Body Works is a hassle-free task as this machine requires minimal assembly as compared to Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym and others on our list.

The Best Home Gym Setup 2019

Hardly anyone has time to make it to the gym these days. Maybe you have moved far away from your gym, maybe life changes, whether it’s a baby or a stressful job, people these days have no time for the gym. For this, manufacturers have come up with portable home gyms by which you can set up a small exercise area in your home to improve your fitness.

Whether you live in a smaller room, in an apartment, or simply don’t want fitness to dominate your entire space, we have your back with these top compact home gym units.

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1. Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym

Click here to check price of Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym

The Bowflex Blaze is the best compact home gym that offers around 60 gym-quality exercises that make all of your muscle groups work. In this home gym, there are 210 lbs. of Power Rod resistance technology, helping you maximize your strength training and fitness goals.

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

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$499.00 $799.00


Bowflex Xtreme home gym offers more than 60 body exercises for the shoulders, arms, legs, chest, back, and abs.

Lat Tower

There is a lat tower in this equipment with an angled lat bar that helps in building shoulder and back muscles quickly.

Included Accessories

Along with offering various workouts, this equipment comes with an instructional play card and triple function hand-grip or ankle cuffs.

Power Rod Resistance

The standard power rod resistance of this equipment is 210 lbs. However, it can be upgraded to 310 lb. or 410 lb.

Sliding Seat Rail

Sliding seat rail of Bowflex home gym allows you to perform leg presses and aerobic rowing.

Pulley Positions

The multiple pulley or cable positions enable custom workouts.

Easy Storage

Folding bench and wheels added to the design of this all in one home gym offer convenient storage.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Folding frame design
  • Offers around 60 possible exercises
  • Gliding seat for leg press exercises and aerobic rowing
  • The bench can be set at two different positions, 45° and 180°
  • 2 inches cushioning on bench ensures maximum comfort
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • You can upgrade the resistance to 310 pounds or 410 pounds


  • Tools are not included for assembling of the equipment
  • It has a bulky design that takes up quite a bit of floor space
  • Not meant for massive muscle build
  • Taller people might find it difficult to work out on this machine

2. Weider Ultimate Body Works


Click here to check price of Weider Ultimate Body Works

Experience a comprehensive total body workout with the best home gym setup, Weider Ultimate Body Work. It is a powerhouse piece of equipment that allows more than 50 different body-shaping exercises. Adjust the positioning of the equipment and enjoy a complete and versatile workout by utilizing the included accessories.

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Weider Ultimate Body Works

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$148.22 $148.24

Weider is a renowned brand of fitness equipment that is manufactured by Icon Health & Fitness. It is one of the most trusted names in strength training for over 25 years. Weider manufactures variable rod resistance machines, weight benches, and quality home gyms to ensure that everyone can stay healthy and fit despite the busy schedule.

By using the adjustable power bands, you can have 50 additional pounds of resistance for targeting your shoulders, core, arms, back, and legs in a single workout.

Space-Saving Design

With the space-saving design of this home gym, you can have more space on your floor when you need it because this ultimate equipment can be folded down when required.

Full Range of Motion

The pulley system and unrestricted cable of Weider home gym allow the padded glide board to slide along the durable steel tubing smoothly, offering additional flexibility and a full range of motion.

Workout Guide

The instructions provided by this all in one cardio machine lists which exercises focus on which muscle groups and how you can perform specific exercises properly along with some additional exercise suggestions.

Body Weight Resistance System

This equipment utilizes the ultimate body works innovative resistance mechanism that turns the bodyweight into natural resistance for a variety of exercises.

Adjustable Incline

You can conveniently enhance or reduce the intensity of your workout by simply changing the incline of the glide board. It offers seven easy-to-change incline options.

Durable Equipment

Made of the durable steel tubing, this home gym is designed for years of use. The pulley system, nylon strap handles, 4 power bands, squat stand, padded glide board, and workout guide all are manufactured from premium quality material and are durable.

Pros. & Cons.


  • 4 resistance bands are beneficial for creating more challenging workouts
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Adjustable incline bench
  • Space-saving design
  • Offers 250lb weight limit
  • Durable and sturdy frame design
  • Inexpensive and affordable


  • The gliding mechanism is a little noisy
  • The shortening and lengthening of the frame are difficult for a single person
  • Takes quite a bit of space lengthwise
  • The plastic handgrips might be uncomfortable

3. Total Gym XLS

Click here to check price of Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS comes with a total fitness program of workouts and best home gym equipment 2019 to get you into shape. It strengthens your body to perform the daily life physical activities in a more efficient way. By targeting multiple muscle groups, this universal home gym helps you to train more productively by delivering the optimum functional training experience.

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Total Gym XLS

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The XLS Features

With the 400 lbs. weight capacity this home gym comes with an upgraded comfort system along with squad stand, pulley and cable system, padded glide board with head support, wing attachment, flexible nylon strap handles, chrome package, and leg pull accessory. With this home gym, you will also get 5 workout DVDs, a training deck, an exercise wall chart and meal-planning guide, or a nutritional program.

Exercise Capability

Total Gym XLS offers over 80 exercises that target all the muscle groups for stretching, strength training, and cardio, all on a single exercise machine.

Easy Storage

No assembly is required for this home gym. It folds for easy storage and takes less space. The unfolded dimensions of this machine are 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H whereas folded dimensions are 19″ W x 51″ L x 9″ H.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Resistance training with 6 levels
  • Padded glide board with head support
  • Move over 80 exercises capability
  • 400 lb. weight capacity for total stability and strength
  • Supports people of any height and up to 400 pounds
  • Assembly is not required
  • Comes with 5 instructional DVDs and exercise chart


  • Expensive
  • Warranty of the parts of the machine is only for 6 months
  • Good for toning of muscles rather than building muscles

4. BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

Click here to check price of BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 is the best home gym 2019 and the total workout system. Using this home gym, you can clip on resistance bands to different angles to make your muscles work from all sorts of angles. With this, you can put your body through total-body resistance, targeting your entire core and muscle stabilizers in every workout.

Bring the gym to home with BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 in half the price as well as half the space. The resistance bands of BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 offer a safe and healthy alternative to heavyweights. These bands are not only effective in toning your body, but also increase the blood flow and speed up fat burning.

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BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 - Full Portable Gym Home Workout Package +...

Last update was on: November 25, 2020 4:13 pm


The non-slip grip base of this home gym comes with floor padding. It folds up and has retractable anchors.


The custom length of the resistance bands is 30 inches. Each band simulates between 0 to 30 lbs. The home gym has 2 to 4 bands depending on the package.


The handles added in the package work as the dumbbells you do at the gym. Adjust the weight accordingly on the fly by clipping or subtracting additional bands.


Bar of this all in one home gym offers 360° rotation for the natural and smooth movement. For additional comfort, there is easy-grip padding.

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The straps of the home gym are sweat resistance and are padded for comfort. These straps are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly with all size wrists and ankles.

Door Anchor

The door anchor locks securely into the door frame. It simulates chest flies, lat pulldowns, and triceps extensions.

Strong Heavy-Duty Metals

Each cable anchor point has been manufactured by using the premium metals, having the capability to withstand over 5000 lbs. of force.

Soft Scrunchy Cable Covers

The cables are covered with non-latex scrunchy material that prevents rubbing against your skin and hair.

Pros. & Cons.


  • The portable home gym that allows you to workout anywhere anytime
  • Comes with a folding base and compact design that makes it easy to store under your bed or in your car
  • Conveniently placed anchor points
  • The resistance bands offer good weight
  • Offers up to 300 different exercises targeting the whole body
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry in the case provided


  • The attachments don’t fit inside the folded base
  • Comes with only 2 bands
  • The resistance bands are short for tall people


5. Marcy 150-lb Home Gym Station

Click here to check price of Marcy 150-lb Home Gym Station

If you are looking for the best home gym setup, then Marcy 150lb Home Gym Station is the solution. It offers over 30 strength training exercises to burn calories efficiently and enhance muscle mass. This machine provides dual functioning press arms for pec fly exercises and chest press.

The dual-function leg developer of the home gym aligns the legs properly with the knee joints for efficient leg curls and leg extensions. With the adjustable preacher curl pad, you can tone your triceps and abs.

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Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Stack MWM-988

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: November 25, 2020 4:13 pm
$399.99 $499.99

The multi-position low and high pulleys and cables are connected to 150 lb. adjustable weight stacking for controlled and smooth body exercises. Thus, you don’t need to load or unload weight plates. With this ultimate home gym, enjoy resistance training at home.

Dual Action Press Arms

The dual action press arms added in the design of this equipment allow vertical butterfly exercises and chest press.

Padded Press Arm

The press arms have oversized foam roller pads that provide comfort while one is performing pec fly exercises or chest exercises.

Weight Stack Lock

Marcy 150-lb is the best compact home gym with which you do not have to worry about unloading or loading weight plates. The weigh stack selected with lock allows you to do resistance training safely, and the safety lock prevents any type of unauthorized usage.

Upper Pulley

With the upper pulley, you can target your core while doing ab crunches. You can control the resistance by adjusting the selectorized stack.

Leg Developer

With the total leg developer, you can focus on your lower body muscles, and the foam roller pads allow a comfortable workout.

Removable Curl Pad

You can remove the preacher curl bicep pad conveniently or adjust it accordingly to make isolated bicep exercises possible.


The metal footplate allows the person to be in the proper position while performing lower pulley station workout. You will also get a foot stop while performing rowing exercises.

Seat Pad

The seat pad of the home gym is made from the high-density foam covered with durable and sleek vinyl for additional comfort.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Offer complete body workout in 1 machine
  • Comfortable padding throughout
  • Adjustable for an ultimate customized workout
  • The heavy-duty steel frame that offers high-end performance
  • A combination of dual action press arms, leg developer and padded press arm
  • More than 30 versatile exercise options
  • Comes with a safety lock to ensure convenience
  • The adjustable curl pad is removable
  • Supports 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Easy weight change


  • Not suitable for people who have more than 6 feet in height
  • The seat is not adjustable
  • Assembling of the home gym is complicated

Factors to Consider While Buying A Home Gym

You might be surprised to know that compact and the best home gym equipment 2019 given above offer as many exercise options as the bigger units do. But before buying a home gym, there are certain things that you must keep in mind.

1.      Design

The home gyms come in versatile sizes and shapes; however, all are suitable for different fitness goals as well as spaces. These are just like the traditional multi-gyms with familiar cables and pulley systems, which are simply built into smaller specs.

There are also Total Gym style machines. These machines have a sliding seat on rails which help you to utilize your own body weight as resistance. While doing the workout, these home gyms may occupy a bit of space, but they can be folded away after the workout, and you can easily store them under your bed or in your closet.

These compact home gyms are limited in some ways as compared to the traditional multi gyms, but the fact that we can store them anywhere and can take them even in our suitcase while traveling is a huge advantage. The design of the best home gym 2019 you are going to choose, depends entirely on your goals.

If you want to build strength and muscle, you need something that allows you to add your own Olympic plates. Contrary to that, if you just want to be fit and also value your space more than shifting heavyweight, then a box style home gym unit will be perfect.

2.      Resistance

It is the design of the home gym that determines the resistance used. The traditional multi gym features resistance in the form of a classic weight stack, which is ready to go, convenient, and everything you need is there.

There are home gyms that allow a person to add Olympic plates. But the disadvantage with these units is that you will have to buy your own plates. With these units, you can add as much weight as you want to and make efficient muscle gains. It is more convenient as compared to the machine that says 200 lbs. of resistance.

A home gym uses the bodyweight of the person as the resistance, which is quite effective. These machines feature angle adjustment to allow amending of the resistance according to desire. The steeper the incline will be, the tougher the movement becomes.

In some home gyms, there is an added resistance in the form of Bunge cords or resistance bands present at the bottom of the machine.

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3.      Features

The features of the compact home gym are also determined by its design. For instance, if you are buying this all in one cardio machine in the box style unit, you must know that the majority of the features will be resistance bands and attachments.

If you opt for the expensive and bigger home gym machines, they usually have a bench, a frame, a pulley/cable system, or whatever resistance they are utilizing.

The frames of these compact units are not heavy or bulky. To occupy less space, these home gyms have a removable bench, or the bench can be folded vertically after you are done with your workout session.

The movements that can be performed are defined by the pulley system a unit offers. With the high pulleys, you can do triceps pulldowns and lat pulldowns while low pulleys allow upright rows, bicep curls, and shoulder press.

Some of the home gyms contain a middle pulley system that is perfect for doing rows, chest presses, and some other core exercises such as trunk rotations and weighted crunches.

If you are buying a home gym that has a bench, it means that it will feature a leg developer. These machines come with padded rollers that help you to perform leg extensions and curls targeting your hamstrings and quads.

4.      Convenience

The best compact home gym contains an adjustable seat, agronomical padding to offer utmost comfort, a large automatically designed backrest, and integrated wheels to move it easily from one place to another.

It should be manufactured from high-quality materials ranging from chrome plated levers to thermosetting powder coatings. A home gym must be a luxury upholstery that provides a stylish and sleek finish.

Advantages of Home Gym Over Gym Subscription

A home gym is a smart investment, so it is essential to ensure that it will assist you in achieving your fitness goals more efficiently as compared to gym subscriptions.

·         Customization of Workout

A home gym is equipped with the best home gym equipment 2019 and it allows you to do your kind of workout. The equipment that you desire to use is available all the time whenever you need it. It means that you will not have to wait for hours to use the popular machine as you have to do at the gym.

Another benefit of a home gym is that when your kids watch you while exercising, it will develop healthy workout habits in them too at a young age.

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·         Respect Your Privacy

A home gym means that you can be yourself while working out every day. These units are perfect for those people who don’t feel comfortable while working out in the gym or feel conscious about their body.

Also, people who prefer to work out in isolation will find it a perfect solution as you will not have to socialize while working out. The best part is that you will be the only one using your equipment, and no one else will have access, saving your machine from other people’s sweat.

However, some people prefer to exercise with friends and want to train under the assistance of professional trainers. If you prefer to socialize, like open spaces and bright lights, a gym subscription will be a better option.

·         Flexibility of Use

The flexibility of use is the top reason why people choose to set up all in one home gym. Usually, people find it difficult to manage 15 minutes a day for the gym and end up neglecting the regular exercise.

Some people thrive on the routine a gym provides, but for others, flexibility is the key when it comes to a fitness regime. For example, if you have joined a gym on your way to work, you can have a relatively regular work schedule and gym subscription will definitely work for you.

But if your gym is far from your workplace or you have kids at home to take care of, then a home gym will surely suit your requirements.

·         Fitness Goals

A home gym is limited for a number of features, so it is crucial to decide whether a home gym goes with your fitness goals, and you will get what you want from it or not. People have different fitness goals that may range from losing weight to building muscles or getting a toned body.

If you want to train for a sport like a tennis, running or rowing, you will require a variety of equipment for cross-training. In this case, a regular gym subscription will only make sense as only a few people have much space and money for all these necessary machines.

Contrary to that, if your fitness goal is just toning of your body and building muscle strength in a general sense, then the best home gym setup will work for you.

·         Cost

The initial investment in a home gym will be much larger as compared to the cost of the monthly gym membership, but a home gym works out much cheaper in the long run. If you believe that a home gym will work for you, you can make it even more cost-effective by working out using it regularly.

According to experts, people who set up a home gym tend to stick with their fitness regime more over a longer period of time.

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These top five best compact home gym units mentioned above come with different capabilities and price ranges, but all of these are highly capable of getting you fit and healthy. But among these five, Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym is our top choice because of its exceptional features.

The aim of our review is to make you understand better what a great home gym should be. The review is highlighting important features, pros, and cons of the home gyms. Now choosing the best home gym will not be a difficult task for you.

With our review of each home gym, you hope that now you have a clearer understanding of what machine will fit with your fitness routine.

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